Rogue: Spamming helped my career!


Check my track! Subscribe to my channel! I need followers!


The needy, but understandable, chorus on any popular YouTube thread or Facebook post. Self-promotion is rife. But do any of us ever listen?

We used to. And Rogue is proof that this technique once worked. Following our insightful UKF Radar video feature, we quizzed him about his initial introduction to the world of electronic music and how his first footsteps into the pro world were a result of such behaviour.

“I just wanted to see what people thought of my music,” explains Rogue. “I had the idea to post on a popular YouTube channel. It was either UKF or a big DJ’s VEVO account, I can’t remember which one but it worked really well. I did it again, and my comments went to the top in a few of the top videos at the time. It led to more traffic on my channel which eventually led to more fans.”

I genuinely had the idea myself and it came about naturally through a need and a want to build my audience. As far as I knew, I was the only person doing it. And it was successful!

In fact his self-promotion technique (which was backed up by similar comments from his brother) was incredibly impressive…. Within two months of announcing himself to the world as Rogue he’d amassed over 6000 subscribers and had been approached by the Monstercat crew to discuss his first release which eventually became Rogue & Tristam – Pushed Away.

What’s perhaps even more impressive is that Rogue’s shout outs for attention also helped him progress as a producer…

“Various producers got in touch to let me know my music could be better,” he admits. “That was really helpful. At the time I didn’t see myself as a producer; I just really loved dubstep and wanted to make my own version of it. Since then it’s been a huge learning curve. People let me know that my production wasn’t up to scratch but the ideas and melodies were there. That was very important for me and I took all criticism on board. I’ve still got loads to learn; I’ll always have stuff to learn!”

New fans and new knowledge: spamming in 2011 had major benefits for budding breakthrough artists. Looking back, Rogue can’t recall any other artist making a similar impression…

“I don’t remember any other artist doing it,” he explains. “I genuinely had the idea myself and it came about naturally through a need and a want to build my audience. As far as I knew, I was the only person doing it. And it was successful! I feel a little bad because some of it was a bit misleading… The fact my brother was promoting me was easily the most successful way of getting attention as it wasn’t me advertising for views. But looking back it was an essential kick-start for my career so I don’t regret it.”


The first five people to self-promote using the comment box below will win the ear-time of Rogue himself, receive feedback and be featured in a forthcoming UKF article!

“I’d be more than happy to listen to the first five self-promoters on this feature,” he explains. “I might be harsh but critical feedback is much better than false hype. I’m really looking forward to what I hear.”

This is a golden opportunity to actually get your accounts heard! Act fast as this chance may never happen again!!

Above all: Rogue’s advice to anyone wishing to breakthrough…

“The best advice I could give would be for people to keep practicing their production and keep aiming high. Try and release and upload as much as you can… If it’s not out there, how will people know if it’s good or not?

“I’m honestly not sure spamming the comment sections works any more. It’s a whole new game now. So just make music you think is good and trust in your own skills and passions. Good music will eventually find the right ears.”

Rogue – Night After Night is out now.