Selector Recommends #04: North Base

Different tunes for different moods: Selector Recommends asks DJs to provide the perfect track for a variety of scenarios. This month: North Base.

Fitting: set for release on December 11, their Polarity EP on Viper has potential to complement a wide range of scenes itself. The anthemic, synth-struck lead track could soundtrack a hectic roadtrip, the Ragga Twins-fronted What R U Doing? is coded in pure workout inspiration while The Call plays the consummate warm up tune, full of suspense and dreamy dynamics.

Loaded with collabs and cameos from up-and-comers (Mitch Dowd, ISVK) to scene titans (TREI), their debut Viper EP has been six months in the making and actually started off as a one off track…

“ISVK is this guy from Spain who we’ve been sharing ideas with recently,” they explain over email. “We sent stuff back and forth and came up with What R U Doing? which also features the amazing talents of the Ragga Twins. We love them guys! Then Brendan Futurebound said ‘right, I love this track lads let’s do an EP and it went on from there.”

It’s been a big year for North Base (especially DJ Silver who represented in our Desperados City Hack series) but they’ve ended the year with a serious bang. Something tells us North Base are going to level up once again in 2016, and while we wait to hear what they have in store for us next year, here’s an insight into their own personal soundtracks.

FYI: keep out of the kitchen when North Base are cooking… Unless you’re happy to be in the firing line.

Warm Up

Maverick Saber – Don’t Fly Away (Ivy Lab Remix)

“This tune is just pure bliss! Amazing to warm up the dancefloor with and always puts a smile on our faces! This will be in our record box for a long time…”

Peak Time

Noisia & Phace – Drawback

“This tune just takes your head clean off! The drop on this bitch is unreal! Mosh pit starter for real!”

Chill Time

Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

“We just think this tune is so ahead of its time! Such a wicked track to sit back and kick it to. You want chill? This is chill!”


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes & Money 

“When we are on the road we always have our little TEED moment in the car! This guy is a top G and an amazing producer! We hope one day to do a collab with him?”

Sexy Time

The Internet – Girl 

“This tune is pure sexy time track, these guys are really turning heads at the moment! Love the swagger and style about them!”


Tempz – Next Hype 

“When we are cooking we’ve defo got this on full blast. We aint looking to cook… We’re looking to smash the kitchen up LOL”

North Base – Polarity EP is out December 11 on Viper: Support