Six Of The Best: Calibre Productions


When it comes to producing beautifully crafted soulful drum & bass tunes, there isn’t anyone around more adept than Calibre.

It’s the intricacies in the basslines and drumbeats he creates that make him a firm favourite among discerning drum & bass fans all over the world. What makes his production even more impressive is the way it’s all so effortless; many of his fellow producers often remark on how quickly he churns out tune after tune… usually with large helpings of respect and, perhaps, a slight sprinkling of envy too.

Considering he’s one of the most talented producers in the scene and he has a vast back catalogue of drum & bass gold spanning 17 years (and that’s before we get to his singer/songwriter stuff as Dominick Martin), picking half a dozen of Calibre’s best tunes is by no means an easy feat, but we’ve given it a go for this week’s Six Of The Best.


T.E.E.D – Garden (Calibre remix)

T.E.E.D’s original is an absolute classic, but Calibre added his special touch and turned it into one of the most delightful drum & bass remix possible. It’s one of those tracks that could be playing on repeat for hours on end and it would still sound as good as it did on the first listen. A true masterpiece.

Calibre – Even If

Many would argue that this is the ‘ultimate Calibre tune’. No wonder; the intro alone is a thing of beauty, and it’s an intro that builds up to one of the most iconic drops in the genre’s history.

Calibre – Student Music

This one shows off a grittier side to Calibre’s sound. There’s a dark, brooding atmosphere in the build-up before the drop compounds that dark intro with a bassline that’s raw and a little bit scary… While it’s arguably the soulful sound to his sound that he’s most renowned and loved for, this one, along with some more recent releases, demonstrate his ability to mix things up in the studio.

SpectraSoul – Away With Me (Calibre remix)

Another of the Irishman’s finest remixes, and yet again an example of him taking an already sublime tune and making it even better. The way in which the track changes ever so slightly at around the one minute work is a prime example of his nous in the studio; it’s nothing complex, but that synth is arguably one of the reasons it’s such a standout tune. From that moment on, it’s an absolute dream of a listen.

Calibre – Second Sun

Perhaps the most blatant example of Calibre making a majestic tune that is simple yet overwhelmingly beautiful. The bassline, strings and echoed vocals all combine seamlessly to give it a huge sense of nostalgia and elegance, making it one of his, and indeed the genre’s, all-time greats.

Calibre – Luminous

Perhaps one of Calibre’s lesser known releases, but by no means a weak one. Yet again, it’s the way in which all the elements of the track amalgamate effortlessly to form a soulful, deep listen that make it a standout release in his mightily impressive back catalogue.

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