The Story Behind The Song: Dodge & Fuski VS Barely Alive – Poison


Easily the best spoken word sample this month can be found on Dodge & Fuski VS Barely Alive – Poison.

A gravelly geezer harbouring a grave warning in a manner that’s quintessentially English; it’s hard not to fondly reminisce over Alan Ford’s menacing tones in Caspa & Rusko’s seminal Cockney Thug. Except this ain’t no acting… This, as we found out from Dodge himself, is a real life scenario from a rave 23 years ago…

“It’s from an old 1991 rave tape,” he tells us. “It’s a straight up recording and I’ve barely edited it at all. SKisM was the man who brought the recording to my attention and it’s exactly what you hear on the sample – it appears someone found a bottle of smoke machine fluid at a rave and drank some of it. It must have been a pretty scary thing to happen; they stopped the music and made that announcement.”

The actual recording can be found here. Major props to hardcore fans of Dodge & Fuski and Barely Alive who tracked it down before the release was even officially unveiled and commented!

Dance Unity, Hull, 1991: The act playing during the announcement is Top Buzz. It’s their very own MC you can hear offering the warning. Mad P was famed during the early years for his often controversial bars and down-to-earth realness. While someone drinking poison at a rave is as humorous as bath full of rattle snakes, his ability to switch from sweary public health warning back into master hype man with a ‘wahey let’s go!’ is kind of funny.

Especially as that’s NOT the speedy way this track developed…

“We actually started the track two years ago,” explains Dodge. “I was never really happy with it. So I sat down with Cookie Monsta and we tried to do something on it but neither of us were that happy about it, either. So it just sat there. Then this Disciple tour came about with Barely Alive and I thought we should work together on this. I re-wrote the intro then they did most of the work on the drop and consequently smashed it! The quirky turnaround bits are mine and they growly noises are theirs. Our styles work quite well don’t they?”

Damn straight they do. For more examples of Dodge & Fuski and Barely Alive’s styles working well together US fans can check them on tour right now…