Story Behind The Song: Shotty Horroh Ft ScruFizzer, Trigga & Zed Bias – Soundboy Killer

SBK artwork

Fresh to our Soundcloud, a Zed Bias-produced tag-team tear-up featuring some of the UK’s skillish lyricists: Shotty Horroh, ScruFizzer and Trigga. Already plastered over the 1Xtra playlists, if you haven’t checked it yet, here’s your chance:

Rolling with classic garage breakbeats, fizzing with barbed bars that sound as if all the MCs were going toe-to-shelltoe in the same room; we caught up with Zed Bias to discover how the track came together and how it’s been received.

How did all this come about, then?

I’ve been working with Shotty for the best part of the year; just creating, experimenting and seeing what type of sounds come about. I played him the backing track for Soundboy Killer and he laid down his bars there and then. There was a real hook to it straight away. Trigga was in the studio with me the next day, I played it to him and he jumped in without hesitation. ScruFizzer was the final piece of the puzzle. Shotty shouts him in his bars so I sent what we had over to him and Scru got back to me really quickly too. Everyone was on it immediately, it came together really quickly…

You get the feeling everyone is in the same room bubbling together… Nicely crafted.

Well I put my little sprinkle on it, sure, but the MCs are the real focus of this piece. It was amazing getting everyone who I work with closely together on this project and for it to happen so naturally. To have them altogether on one track is really special for me…

There’s no avoiding Trigga at the moment. It’s about time!

It is! He’s having a renaissance right now but he’s been bubbling away for decades like many of us have. It’s great to see; he’s got that Chimpo track and loads of other things on the way, he’s a proper Manchester legend… Like Shotty is becoming.

Scrufizzer bringing the London vibes to make a complete UK picture.

He’s been coming up to Manchester to work with me for years. I produced his track Kick It on Black Butter a few years back. He’s been working with us all up for here for a while… He’s an honorary Manc like me.

Ha! Is this the start of something bigger from you all?

There’s definitely more music there, providing everyone likes it as much as we do. Trigga, myself, Specialist Moss and Killa Benz are also doing the Madd Again project which is more like garage and grime meets dancehall. That’s getting a lot of bookings and support as well which has been great.

Did you know the type of support you’d get with Soundboy Killer when you put this together or did the hype take you by surprise?

As soon as the vocals went into the pot I knew it would go off straight away. You get that feeling with these type of tracks when they’re coming together and this was definitely one of them. I played it for the first time in Tokyo. I’d mixed it down the day before I flew out to play the Outlook launch party. It kicked off and confirmed we had something special…

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