UKF Study Sessions #1: Dabin


This one is for everyone who’s hard at work studying, revising, cramming and book slamming right now.

Exam season is the painful twist before the sweet hit of summer and here’s our gift to ease the studious pain: a playlist from the ever-on-point Dabin. He graduated from his sociology degree a matter of weeks ago so the pain of revising is still fresh in his head!

“Studying is a fucking stressful experience!” he says, the memories still clearly fresh in his mind. “I’ve actually made a ton of ‘study’ playlists in my iTunes which are mostly comprised of more chill and laidback tunes that I’m feeling. I’ve found that these tracks have really helped relieve the pressure when it comes to studying.”

Designed to clear his mind and reduce stress, Dabin’s thought long and hard about the sonic tonic to revision and, in the past, has tried a variety of styles from acoustic, to classic rock and really heavy pounding dubstep tracks. Through years of studying he’s found that “the chiller electronic stuff puts me in the right frame of mind.”

Check his selection below and it’s impossible to disagree. Shucks, this playlist works a treat  whether you’re studying or just looking to enjoy a selection of electronic music’s most touching, deepest pastures.

So press play and get back to work… Exams will be over before you know it.

Studying success: Dabin’s top tips

  • Get enough sleep
  • Take breaks
  • Do what you can to reduce your stress
  • I also read a research paper that suggests that studying the same material in different places helps us retain information better because of how it forces the brain to create new connections with the material… So maybe try different environments. Good luck!