UKF Study Sessions #2: Fred V & Grafix


Following Dabin’s Study Sessions selection, up steps Fred V.

Two years have passed since he completed his music degree – a qualification he maintained focus on, even though his life as a Hospital headliner was kicking off in earnest – but he still remembers cramming for exams clearly. Well, exam.

“I only did one exam in my degree!” he admits. “Everything was essay-based so maybe I’m not the best person to do this. But I do remember studying for my A Levels and GCSES and my best advice for any revision session is to tease yourself and just think ‘right, I’m going to do this for five minutes’ and you’ll find you’ve done an hour without realising. Basically you’re not scaring yourself with huge amounts of time straight away. I do it when I’m tidying my house; I hate the idea of it. But when I’m actually doing it, it’s not so bad at all.”

For Fred, the idea of this playlist is to keep distractions at a minimum. It’s where the whole concept of music and studying gets a bit tricky… We LOVE music so how do you use it to help you study when all you want to do is immerse yourself in the beats and forget exams even exist?

“Vocals are the worst for distractions,” he agrees. “I think they work if you aren’t into vocals that much, but I analyse tunes all the time and try and work out what the vocals are all about… They’re a nightmare for distracting me. Ambient or classical pieces have worked for me in the past and even certain instrumentals aren’t good for studying because I just want to get up, dance and forget revising altogether! So most of these tracks have little to no vocal at all and none of them are too distracting. While they’re all incredible pieces of music, they should fit into the background without taking over your attention too much. That’s the idea anyway. I hope they help and good luck to everyone who’s studying right now!”