Summer Selector! Mistajam’s 10 hot tips


The underground is getting the justice it deserves!

Not our words (although we believe in them 100 per cent), they’re the words of BBC broadcaster, globe-galavanting selector and Speakerbox founder Mistajam. We caught up with him between his millions of commitments – including the launch of Speakerbox residencies in both Ibiza and Majorca – to get his hot tips to catch in clubs and festivals this summer. He reckons we’re currently in the thick of a truly unique and exciting time for dance music.

“Where we are now with music culture is really interesting,” he reflects. “There doesn’t seem to be any surprises: Everyone who’s killing it right now, everyone who’s getting the props they deserve, are the people who truly deserve it. They’re the people who’ve developed great bodies of work and spotless reputations on the underground.”

It’s people like UKF fans who have made this happen. The reasons we all know about these artists already is that we are underground fans ourselves…

Whether their work on the underground has been under another guise (such as Gorgon City), they’ve worked their way up gradually from independent labels to majors (such as Wilkinson) or they’re undisputed scene veterans who have dedicated their careers to championing a very specific sound (such as EZ or MK), each of the 10 hot picks below deserves to be on this list. Jam is also keen to big up the fans who have helped these successful artists to get to the status they’re currently enjoying…

“All this mainstream success has been served with great apprenticeships on the underground,” he continues. “And it’s people like UKF fans who have made this happen. The reasons we all know about these artists already is that we are underground fans ourselves… We pay attention to what’s happening on the underground, we support what’s happening on the underground and we love what’s happening right now!”

Too right. Read on for Mistajam’s top 10 summer essentials and details on where he and the Speakerbox crew will be causing damage this season!

Mistjam’s Top 10 Summer Essentials

DJ EZ featuring Majestic

The garage god’s club sets are things of legend however when Majestic is on the mic and he’s in front of a festival crowd, things get extra special!


Rowan is one of those DJs who really takes you on a journey with his sets. He’s so much more than I Wanna Feel and his festival sets this year will really prove that.


Not only is he a great guy, a great producer and great DJ but he’s got an amazing live setup for his DJ sets. A real spectacle not to be missed.

Mike Skinner b2b MJ Cole

Two absolute legends going back to back for the first time? This is happening at SW4 and it will be a real moment – one people will be talking about for years to come!

Netsky Live

Since linking with a major label, Hospital records Alumni Netsky has really taken things up a notch not only with his productions but also his live show. Proves what a brilliant musician he really is.


Even though he’s been deejaying and producing longer than the current new crop of house ravers have been on the planet, MK is really going through a purple patch at the moment and his festival sets show you just how good his productions and remixes are.

Gorgon City

Matt and Kye have been killing the club circuit for a while now and after seeing them at a festival for the first time last year when we booked them for one of our stages; their set was really good. Since then, they’ve become festival veterans who provide a masterclass in crowd control!

B Traits feat Juma MC

Bri is one of my all-time favourite DJs because of her absolute fearless approach to putting together a multi genre set. When Juma is on the mic and B is behind the decks, magic happens!

Shy FX and Stamina MC

Shy is on the list of DJs it’s pretty impossible to follow on a bill so the fact that I can program the Speakerbox stages really helps me! Always flawless.


Well, someone’s got to pick me as someone you must see at festivals this year! My festival sets aren’t for musical snobs who want to stand with their arms folded stroking their chins. They’re more for party people who want to have a good time!

And THIS is where you’ll find him causing good times…

Speakerbox @ Gatecrasher Ibiza every Thursdays until September 25
Speakerbox @ BCM, Magalluf, Mallorca ever Friday September 5
July 5 High Definition Festival
July 12 Nass Festival
July 20 Essex Fest
July 25 Global Gathering
August 24 Creamfields & SW4

Mistajam can also be heard on BBC Radio 1Xtra from 7PM Monday-Thursday and BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra on Saturday between 7 & 9PM