Swindle Brings Home Rio Gold


BREAKING: Swindle’s just picked up another gold medal in Rio this summer.

Not for the Olympics… Just a gold medal in pure funk and life in general as he returns to our playlists with yet another stunning international rhythm fusion: Connecta.

Following last year’s Peace, Love & Music escapades, which caught him writing and creating with kindred spirits from across the globe, Connecta marks the start of the Swindle Trilogy, a three-part series that explores more musical adventures. Connecta kicks us off with an all-out Latin riot that comes complete with the budgie-smuggling soul of Copacabana, pure drum wizardry on Villa Mimosa and a DJ Q remix that’s so stinking it makes those green diving pools look drinkable.

It goes a bit like this…


“I was gutted I couldn’t get out to South America to record and write with people in the making of my album so I was sure do it when I toured the album instead,” explains Swindle who considered an album re-package but decided on an EP instead.

The timing is perfect. Sonically each of the trilogy screams summer but culturally too… What with this little world sporting event called The Olympics…

“Mate I didn’t even know the Olympics were in Brazil haha,” laughs Swindle. “It just so happened when we planned the release we realised it was on and thought ‘oh cool, let’s release it then’ I bury my head in music all day long so haven’t got much time for sport!”

But, as the world’s most famous sporting event wraps up this weekend, he has got time to decide which artists in our sporting world would win gold if certain sports were bass music. For a man who doesn’t know sport, he’s smashed it with these picks… 


Gold winner: Temper T


He’s beefed up man. Proper heavyweight. Go gold or go home for Temps.

 100m sprint

Gold winner: Goldie

There can only be one winner. Musically this man works at 1000 miles an hour. 


Gold winner: Roni Size

He’s put in everything over the distance. Roni is the ultimate marathon man. Size still matters!



Gold winner: Spooky

Because he loves a war!


Beach Volleyball

Gold winner: Flava D

She’ll distract everyone then pop them all off one by one with another massive record



Gold winner: Joker

He’s the sickest individual I’ve ever seen on a bike. He’s been riding since he was kid and should actually compete in this in reality.


Gold winner: Marky

Because he can turn a deck upside down and scratch it.



Gold winner: Hatcha

Because he doesn’t sit still, he’s all over the place!


Gold winner: Marcus Nasty.

I would not want to get into a headlock with this man!

Grab gold with Swindle: Connecta is out now

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