Synergy’s Top Five Spooky Bangers

Back with another ghost slapping beat!

Synergy return to Phace & Misanthrop’s NEU with two massive tracks: Stinger and Slap The Ghost, a powerful duet with Misanthrop. It goes a little something like this…

To mark the spirit spanking release we checked in with the Russian duo previously known as Segment & Concept Vision, cop their favourite Halloween bangers and find out a little more about the release.

“We started to work with Florian and Michael from 2016 as they released the first ever Synergy track called Rage,” they explain. “They showed how responsible and respectful they are about their work and the artists they work with. We are fans of their music from the very beginning and we were sure that we want to work with them again so sent them Stinger and decided to send a demo for a collaboration to Michael. He liked it and ready to try to work with us and that is how Slap the Ghost was born.”

We’re unsure why it’s called Slap The Ghost but Synergy admit that if they ever met an apparition of any kind, they’d probably not cuff it. “It depends on how he’s configured to act,” they consider. “If aggressively, then most likely we will both decide to run away.”

There’s no running away from these bangers. Precision timed for Halloween, these are Synergy’s favourite spooky tracks. Tricks, treats and serious beats. Enjoy…


Michael Jackson – Thriller

”From our humble point of view, this song is a personification of Halloween. This is no Halloween without Thriller!”


Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters

Evengy: “When I was a child I had a VHS cassette with a Ghostbusters cartoon, where I first heard this song. My father gave it to me for my 10th birthday. I remember being scared of the one of the ghosts of this cartoon!”


Nightbreed – Pack of Wolves (Pendulum Remix)

“When we pondered which drum and bass tracks could contain the mood for Halloween, we immediately concluded that this is definitely on the list. A great track with a strong atmosphere which still sounds good to this day.”


Rockwell – Somebody’s Watching Me

Igor: “Once on Halloween, when I was 12 years old, we decided to gather some friends at my friend’s house and watch horror movies all night. While we were cooking treats, my friend turned on the music and there was this song and I really liked it. Since that day this song is associated with Halloween and good times!”

Synergy – Scarecrow

“We couldn’t not include one of our own tracks in this list because it was made with a strong atmosphere of Halloween. This track tells a story of a comic character Dr. Jonathan Crane (AKA Scarecrow) The track tells you the story of how this character became crazy. From the beginning of the track you can hear the progression, the track begins with a halftime rhythm and feels more relaxed than its second part, in the breakdown he reincarnates into a crazy person and the second drop becomes more aggressive with the drum and bass rhythm.”

Synergy & Misanthrop Slap The Ghost / Stinger is out now on NEU

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