#TBT: Calibre – Even If

Stone. Cold. Classic.

Any scenario, any slot – when Calibre’s 2010 smash Even If is dropped every single one of us sings along. It’s the law. Even if you don’t know all the words (notsorry)

But did you know it’s a protest song? Easily one of Calibre’s most uplifting, life-affirming sunny-side rollers, the lyrical message is as dark as it gets. As he explained earlier this year in an interview about his songcraft to Songwriting Magazine…

“[It’s about] war, basically. It’s one of the most documented and overly written horrors of humanity and we’ve become numb to its terrifyingly sad images and footage. People don’t think what they’re hoping and voting for. There’s a lot of anger in the song at how people don’t do any research or look into things themselves. They’re happy to be spoonfed bullshit and don’t even blink when they see dead bodies on the TV.

“Of course the crazy thing is, the song actually sounds so beautiful but the sentiment is overtly anti-war. Politics and religion often seem completely at odds with human rights and I will never be able to understand why.”

A powerful sentiment coded deep into a beautiful track. A sentiment we share every time we sing along and vibe to it… Even without realising. This is the bare crux of why we love music and how its messages can be made in so many subtle ways.

In other, less subtle, news: UK citizens have five days left to register to vote. Calibre’s talking about war here, but the bullshit spoonfeeding machine disenfranchises and exhausts us on many more levels. You do have a voice and can register here before 11.59pm May 22.