#TBT: Chase & Status – Blind Faith (Trolley Snatcha Remix)


Precisely four years and one day ago we uploaded this behemoth…


First Throwback Thursday of the new year: we’d be rude not to call Trolley Snatcha and unearth any stories around this massive remix.

Turns out there may not have been a story at all.

“I almost declined this one,” recalls Snatcha, real name Zack. “The first time I heard the original I wasn’t quite sure. I remember hearing it on a phone in a pokey little hotel room in Essex. It wasn’t the right type of listening environment at all! I usually go on gut reaction and say no straight away but I thought I best check it again in my studio… When I did I was all over it.

All over it in a ‘inject seven deadly basslines and gully it so hard the original sounds like a soft dreamy lullaby in comparison’ type of way…

“I was getting well known for big dancefloor tracks at the time and this was one of them. Looking back, this was the buzz of everything I was doing all squeezed into one track,” he reflects. “Obviously there are Chase & Status’s sounds in there because it’s a remix of them, but it’s 140, it’s a big dancefloor track and my basslines.”

I probably should have checked the original more than once, my first version had the vocal totally off-beat!

Representing a pivotal time in dubstep and Trolley’s role in developing the dramatic dancefloor dubstep style, the remix only took him one session to complete. Well… It would have done if a second version hadn’t been requested from Chase & Status.

“I probably should have checked the original more than once, my first version had the vocal totally off-beat!” laughs Trolley. “I sent it to Will and Saul and they came back saying the vocal was half a bar out. I sorted that out and it was out there. Weirdly I’ve just started pulling it out again in the last year. It still fits really well with other records I play. So yeah, it’s been one of the more interesting and longstanding remixes I’ve done over the years…”


Back to the future and you can still see the vapour trails from his smouldering Archetype EP on Firepower. The same EP that gave us tracks like this:

“The Archetype EP is me giving my old sound a bit of a send off,” Snatcha explains. “The next thing will be a bit different. Very different! When is it coming out? The answer is subjective to the hour or the day. I might think it’s done tonight and I might want to scrap it tomorrow. That’s the way I am. But I do plan to get it out in the next month or two.”

Sounds like the same harsh self-critic we spoke to a few months back

“I haven’t changed since our last chat!” he laughs. “I’m still overly critical. You want to express yourself and look back and think ‘I’m glad I did it that way.’”

We are too. Watch this space for new release information when it drops…