#TBT: Dubba Jonny – Home

dubba jonny - home

Seven years we uploaded this tingling, vocal-coded beauty… Dubba Jonny – Home.

A pivotal release for all concerned, Home led to two hugely popular tutorials and eight track uploads from the UK producer. We caught up with him a few years ago to get the story behind the song. Here’s how it went…


“Home was actually my second UKF upload. A few months before you guys uploaded a remix of mine… I was part of a comedy hip-hop duo, Duke & Kuvah, it was a pretty jokey project, I did a dubstep remix and thought I’d send it over to UKF. I wasn’t expecting a reply but Luke got back and thought it was funny. That was more of turning point for me. Before then I’d been trying lots of different genres but based on the reactions to this I laid my nest in dubstep. And I never looked back.

“With Home I was playing around with a slightly more commercial sound. Back then that sound was only just starting to creep in. Even guys like Nero – who are the kings of the vocal, slightly commercial sound – were still sounding very underground. I think it’s great that people are still commenting on the track now and seeing this as a snapshot of a certain era. People hold on to particular tunes from any period as they represent a golden time. For me, though, the real people who repped this era in dubstep were the likes of Flux and guys like that!”

Still repping as both Dubba Jonny and Matchbox Orchestra, recently he’s been developing new music and clothes brand – Do Better – check it out.