#TBT: Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop

Throwback to one of our most popular and era-defining uploads: Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop

For no other reason but we saw him play last Friday in the cosy confines of The Nest, one of London’s best underground rave dens. As part of his Around The World In 80 Raves, it was a unique opportunity to experience Flux away from the massive mainstage madness and back in such an intimate party space…

2009 all over again: he even did the honours of dropping his gamechanging anthem of the time… And the packed floor roared in response. Goosebumps.

We got a cool story from him about a few years back. Press play, reminisce and read on…

“I’ve always tried to get notes and melodies into the basses. I didn’t want to smash out sounds with no real melody. That’s my general vibe; loads of different sounds coming together. Like a four-note chord, played on four different synths. Like reeds on an accordion. I’ve studied instrumentation and learnt loads of interesting things; for example you’d never put a piccolo flute and standard flute together because they sound horrible together. In fact the frequency of a piccolo flute complements an oboe. So when you’re sitting down to write a score you don’t need to hear how it sounds because you know those combinations work together beautifully. I approach synthesis in the same way and this is the first example of me implementing that technique.

“Another cool thing that happened during this track was when I was talking to my housemate Odjbox. He was making hip-hop in the room next door. We were chatting to each other on the phone and he was playing music. I could hear this mad melody between what I could hear on the phone and what was coming through the wall. That mad sound was what inspired me to make I Can’t Stop. I eventually went in to his room to listen to what he was making and it was like nothing I was hearing in my head at all! A good lesson there… Go with feeling and take it. If you’re excited with an idea stick with it. That’s what I have always done and will continue to do!” – Flux Pavilion (May, 2014)