#TBT: Modestep – Sunlight

Seven years old and counting….

Modestep’s era-defining singalong summer dubstep smash Sunlight first landed on UKF on July 19 2010. A year later it went on to tickle the top 20 of the UK national charts as one of the genre’s  true crossover hits and came with one of the best pensioner sesh vids bass music has ever known…

We spoke to the now split Modestep bothers Josh and Tony a few years ago about the release and video. This is what they told us…

Tony: This brings back a lot of memories! This track was the starting point for the whole band. It was the moment that kicked everything off. And we’ll never forget making the video.

Josh: We had this idea that when we’re that age we’d still act like kids do now. So we put the call out for loads of old actors, got them together in one room and asked them to smash it up. The ones who did it best were the ones who got the job! They were all awesome, they all understood what we were after and all totally got involved and played up to it really well. The old guy ended up rolling us a joint in the end. We were quite surprised… He knew what he was doing. He was like ‘I’ve been to Amsterdam a few times! Let me show you how it’s done!’

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