#TBT: Ninjastep – Production Line


Seven years and one day ago we uploaded the woozy, horn-led stepper: Production Line by New Zealand duo Ninjastep.

We didn’t know much about them at the time. To be fair we still don’t now.

Production Line was their only UKF upload and one of only a small handful of YouTube appearances. While it declares them ‘deceased’, their Soundcloud has the most clues about their later activities with handful of tracks as fresh as a year old.

None of them, however, are a patch on Production Line. Still unique with its switch from classic dub elements to a darker harmonic bassline, its production isn’t going to stand up against today’s muscular constructions but it’s still got a vibe that’s worth returning to. Ninjastep – whatever you’re up to these days – biggup!

Ninjastep – Production Line

If it’s vibe you’re after, here’s Myro’s frank chat about the changing dynamic in current dubstep and how we’re returning to the all important vibe. And you might want to check out Truth’s remix of his debut track Playa below to see just how far we’ve come with deep, horn-featured bass music. Truth continue to smash it…

Myro – Playa (Truth Remix)