#TBT: SKisM – Elixir

With last week’s beef a distant fragrant memory, it’s time we celebrated another one of SKisM’s skills besides his roasting abilities.

While we haven’t heard any SKisM productions for a few years – and we’re not like to any time soon, as he revealed in our interview with him earlier this year – his contributions to dubstep will never be forgotten. And could still kick serious ass now. Case in point: this sick little puppy. Still raising hairs to this day, it spawned a whole range of fugly remixes from the likes of Megalodon and Karetus, not to mention the freaky artwork.

For us it’s all about the original, though. We uploaded it almost exactly seven years ago. Wish it happy birthday by lending your ears to it… Then lending your eyes to Never Say Die Black Label as Badklaat’s Black Label XL4 mix is about to drop imminently.