#TBT: Sub Focus – Splash (Rusko Remix)

sub focus - splash rusko

REWIND: Rusko’s skippy, two-steppy shake-up of Sub Focus – Splash landed on UKF exactly five years and two days ago. We thought we’d give it a revisit…

We actually spoke to Rusko about this remix (and various other UKF uploads) last year. This is what he told us about this particular moment in time…

“This was a friendly, no-business / no-management trade between us. He remixed Hold On which was humungously huge and I remixed Splash. We did this over email, no contract or money. A little friendly swapsie, if you will. My remix of Splash was a lot lighter and poppier than everything I was doing at the time. Back then I was still in the middle of writing a lot of heavy stuff so it was a refreshing project to work on. It’s borderline not-quite dubstep and, looking back, quite a transitional track for me.”

Big up Rusko, big up Sub Focus, big up Throwback Thursdays for giving us a reason to rewind.