#TBT: Blue Foundation – Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead)


96 million views and counting. We’ve picked Zeds Dead’s Twilight-featured breakthrough remix of Blue Foundation for two reasons.

Firstly, the upload is exactly seven years old in two days time (feel old?) Secondly, and most importantly, Zed’s Dead have just released their long awaited debut album Northern Lights and it’s every bit as far-reaching and involving as you’d hope it would be.

Not that we’re surprised. DC and Hooks have always been on point. Their Eyes On Fire remix still sounds great today. And that’s not just nostalgia talking.

We spoke to DC in 2014 about the track, this is what he told us…

“We were just starting out with this. We had no idea what we were doing at the time! Back then we were just doing a lot of bootleg remixes and seeing what stuck… This one really stuck. So much so we were able to get permission retroactively.

“We still play it now. It’s one of the tunes that people kind of expect us to play. We’ve done some re-edits, remixes and VIPs of it over the years… We’ve got to keep it interesting after playing at almost every show for four years! No matter how we change it, as as long as it’s got a similar drop and the vocal is in there then people still go crazy.

“Did the reaction to this scare us when we considered the follow up releases? Not really. Not at all, actually. It’s in its own world; it had its own reasons for being such a successful internet hit. It’s got unique circumstances, such as being on Twilight – so I never expected anything that followed to be as big as this. It gave us such a strong base, too… A fanbase and base of work to launch more material from. From this it’s been a steady and amazing flow. Thanks to everyone who has supported it!”

While we’re chatting Zeds Dead, here’s Lights Out from their album. Who knows? We may upload more…