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For some crazy reason UKF have decided to let me loose on their website and write about stuff I love. What with it being the summer and everything, I thought I’d kick off with a shout out to my five favourite festivals. If you’ve been to any of them, you’ll know why I’ve hyped them. If not… You know what to do! Enjoy, see you next month.

Dour Festival (Belgium)

Right on the border of France and Belgium, I have been lucky enough to be booked to play Dour on and off for a few years now. It was my first gig of this size pretty much two months after I started DJing. Last year was incredible, I was the first D&B opener, the place was empty and I was thinking, “okay, it’s gonna be one of those ones” (any DJ that says they never have quiet gigs is lying to your face)

But by the time I started my set there were 8000 screaming fans staring back at me. I had the pleasure of having MC Carasel on my set too. We’ve done a few gigs together around the world and he knows how to do what he does very well. I have to say thanks so much to Dour for the crazy show and hope to see you all again soon!

Any DJ that says they never have quiet gigs is lying to your face

Sun & Bass (Sardinia)

A real D&B peoples’ festival in the most beautiful location on the island of Sardinia, I felt so blessed to be able to see so many friends and to DJ to a really knowledgeable D&B crowd. From a DJ perspective, I have to say everything was perfect and the drinks were strong! Big up to all the Sun and Bass crew and people that make it happen!

Innovation In The Sun (Spain)

I just got back from Innovation In The Sun a couple of weeks ago and it’s really such a true D&B fans’ festival, definitely up there with my most favourite shows of the year this year. I speak to so many party goers around the world and they all say they have their own pilgrimages like Fabric, Shambala, Burning Man and any of the EDCs. Many in D&B say Innovation in the Sun/ In The Dam is a must go-to show. Thanks very much to the organisers and I hope to see you all in Amsterdam for Innovation in the Dam!

Rock Herk – Belgium

Such an interesting festival for me to play with a really diverse lineup. The DnB crew always turn out for a good old power hour of bangers! Sometimes the smaller festivals with more diverse lineups can be a blessing for the D&B DJ because of the uplifting and heavy nature of the music. I know when I am at a festival, I always gravitate to the drum and bass tent! Rock Herk: I look forward to partying with you all!

Frequency Festival – Austria

This year with a massive lineup and as always big production, it’s gonna be a sick one! I’m super excited to throw down some of the new tunes I have working on. I love playing in Austria, there are so many people who love the music. The last show in Vienna was so much fun, and every time I go back to Austria I get to hang out with so many friends! Thanks to all the hard working promoters who bring us the good times!

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