TC’s Top 5 Remixes

DEFUALT PRESS SHOT 1 TC, Credit_ Chelone Wolf

In July TC set a bold new precedent in recorded music history… He gave away all the parts to his second album Unleash The Wolves.

The move was as strong as the album itself: he gave away the very elements he’d spent years refining from the 10-15 ideas he writes every month, fine-tuning them to shape a body of work many of us had been waiting nine years for.

Explaining in a previous interview that he was determined to make the album more killer than filler for the DJs who’ve supported his tracks over the years, Unleash The Wolves will continue to payoff for a long time to come: its updated status to an open source album ensures a steady slew of killer refixes and versions… Both officially and unofficially.

Officially it started this week with the brutal tech assault on Next Hype from an all-star co-lab cast: Crissy Criss, Malux & ErbNDub. We caught TC’s five current favourite remixes (including several unofficial ones) to celebrate its existence….

TC ft. Jakes – Next Hype (Crissy Criss + Malux + Erb N Dub ‘Brexit’ Remix)

This is the first official remix from Unleash The Wolves which we dropped this week. It’s been my favourite remix for months now and I’ve been playing it everywhere. Crissy Criss, Malux and Erb N Dub absolutely nailed it!

Friction & Fourward – Battle Scars Ft Jakes (Alix Perez Remix)

Alix absolutely smashed it with this remix for Friction & Fourward’s tune on Shogun. This came out earlier in the year as part of the Shogun Audio 100th release package. Killer remix.

Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love (Crissy Criss Remix)

Crissy keeps impressing me with all of the new tunes he sends over. He’s got loads of heavy stuff on the way but I’ve been playing this remix of Calvin Harris a lot. It’s just a real nice vibe, and always good to have some tunes which the crowd know the words to for festivals!

TC – Unleash The Wolves (Nuera Remix)

Onto some officially unofficial remixes now. I wanted to create a kind of “open source” album with Unleash The Wolves and just let new producers have access to the elements that made up the tunes so they could see how they fit together, and make their own remixes of course. This guy hit me up on Twitter and I really like the vibe he’s gone for here.

TC ft. Jakes – Rep (Sixfour & Rohry Remix)

And this is a second remix from a producer who hit me on Twitter. It’s great to see up and coming producers putting their own spin on my music. I really enjoy hearing new takes on stuff I’ve made, and hearing what other people take from the tunes. The whole album was D&B, so it’s cool to hear a cheeky house version of this too. Nice!

You can still cop the parts now. Visit TC’s site for full details.