Team Player: Pythius picks his dream collaborators


It only seems like yesterday when we last spoke to Pythius (and he revealed his original DJ name was DJ Bicycle) it was actually 18 months ago…

During this time he’s gone from Blackout freshman to one of their most prominent producers and DJs, scoring several Drum&BassArena Award nominations in the Best Newcomer categories for his distinctive heavyweight neuro science. This week has been particularly fruitful. We’ve just premiered his and Black Sun Empire’s Heresy…

Heresy is the title track from his forthcoming five track EP that also features muscular tag-teams with the likes of DJ Hidden, Khronos, Neonlight and State Of Mind. It’s due August 29 on Blackout. And if you can’t wait until then, cop this free download Signs edit of his collaboration with MC Kryptomedic  – Driveyard.

With a strong collaboration theme running through his current activities we thought we’d ask Pythius for his dream collaborations if money, mileage or musical persuasion were no object. Here’s his wishlist. He’s not messing around…

Ed Rush & Optical

These two wrote some of my favourite drum & bass tracks and definitely a big inspiration for me. Would be a really cool to write a track with them!


Because I REALLY love synthwave/neo 80s music. These guys are fantastic. Some of my intros (like the one on New Order) are very inspired by synthwave music, and I actually made some complete tracks in this style as well. Would love to work with some guys who do it as well as they are and hopefully learn a thing or two!

Machine Head

All their tracks have this energy and atmosphere that I just love. Their combination of heavy riffs and big musical breakdowns make them just perfect. Plus Robb Flynn’s voice is amazing. I think it could work very well to combine their awesome riffs with some heavy reece basses and Robb’s vocal. You could really give a track some edge with that type of collaboration!


Probably the drum & bass act that has had the most influence on my music. When his My Lightyear album was released on BSE Recordings I was blown away! The amazing combination of the dark techy vibes with a lot of musical elements and amazing sound design made me fall in love instantly.

Stefan Bodzin

An amazing producer. I really love his impeccable sound design and dark/minimal vibes in the music. The weird arpeggiated/delayed bass/mid sounds and the way that is carried by the very simple yet effective drums and how the tracks build up to a climax very slowly but controlled and steady is amazing. Actually working on some new stuff sounding like this (only on 174 and not with a 4×4 beat)

The Outside Agency 

Also Known as Eye-D & Hidden. One of the best hardcore/crossbreed acts out there in my opinion, on both technical and songwriting level. Would be a lot of fun making a track with them… And I’m halfway there on the Heresy EP as I’ve already written a track with half of them!

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