Teddy Killerz Top 5 Collaborations  


2016 has been a year of collaborations for Teddy Killerz.

Kicking off the year with the drama-charged neuro/jump-up audio arson attack Rock’n’Roll / Wildlife with June Miller, last month saw them follow it with an absurd premiership roll-call: Killer Squad

Comprising Gridlok, Audio, Icicle & DJ Craze, Annix, Counterstrike and, once again, June Miller the whole EP stinks of brute force damagement and rule-free furore. With the focus primed on the harder, techy aesthetic of the Teddy Killerz repertoire, it’s one of the heaviest releases Ram have dished out this year and brought together some names that you’d never expect to see on the same EP from Craze to Counterstrike.

With the collaborative vibe still high at the Russian trio’s studio HQ, we prised them away from working on their debut album to give us five dream musical tag-team scenarios. They poked us back with a fittingly plush wishlist. We’d be keen to see any of these happen to be fair…

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Obviously legends. These guys have been a massive influence since childhood. Mixing electronic with their style would be cool for so many reasons. It would be great to get some of that live rock and funk sound and mess with that.

Die Antwoord

We can definitely see Yo-landi & Ninja vocals vocals working really well on big D&B and bass music tunes. We are also pretty big fans of their music producer – so we think it would be a great combination for us to get in the studio with them.


We don’t like to limit ourselves to D&B only. We’ve been big fans of Flume since his early days and also love his work when he was in What So Not. It would be interesting to explore that side of happy, nice, soulful music he produces. Who knows? We may actually try to make some future bass for our album….

Rob Swire 

The dude is a living legend. He’s a great producer and composer. We would all love to spend a day in the studio with him for so many reasons. He is the reason why so many people even make electronic music today and especially drum & bass.

Amon Tobin / Two Fingers

We are super fans of Amon Tobin’s Two Fingers project. It would be great to do something more experimental with him and to see how/why/what he does because they guy is a genius. He is another person that has paved the way with sound design and music composition.

Teddy Killerz – Killer Squad is out now: https://RAM.lnk.to/TeddyKillerzKillerSquad

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