Selector Recommends #2: The Prototypes


Stepping up to the ‘Recommends’ series are The Prototypes. Currently enjoying the biggest year of their career so far, not only did they drop their LONG-awaited debut album City Of Gold earlier this year, but they’ve followed it up with absolute belter of a dancefloor track: Hypercube.

While most acts would usually deal up more tracks from their album before dropping fresh material (especially on a high grade hurter level like this) but Chris and Nick have approached the game in a refreshing way. Dive deep into Chris’s current thoughts on the scene’s state of address and why we need proper bangers right about now…

“Indeed, I think everybody in our team was wanting another single from the album. And the album has smashed it for us. But since we’ve released it, me and Nick just feel sticking another full-on vocal tune out there on top of everyone else’s vocal tunes is too much. It’s all getting too vocal orientated out there. We want to be fresh. We don’t want people to be able to predict our next move, and I think everyone was waiting for us to go commercial – and, to be honest, with the likes of Sigma and Wilkinson doing so well for themselves it’s hard not to want a piece of that pie because it’s tough in drum & bass financially, especially for a duo to make a living off of it…

“This is where everyone says ‘it’s not about the money’. We couldn’t agree more with them, it’s not about the money… It’s about the music that’s filled with the passion and love for the scene. Not only that, but everyone going off and trying to make it in the commercial world is leaving a massive hole in the scene. It’s impossible to play an hour of vocal tunes, which is another reason for us not wanting to try and go commercial. We love drum and bass, we have respect for its past present and future and want to make sure it’s guided (in what ever way we can help it) in the right direction. Moving forward we’ve made a conscious decision that if radio A lists, B lists or C lists us it will be because they like our own sound and vibes (vocal tune or not) and NOT a sound that’s made for them to like.

“There’s a big difference in those two things and actually artists like Wilkinson and Chase & Status have done a great job of this. By the way… This is no cuss to anyone else out there doing their thing. We love vocal drum and bass, we’ve made a lot of it ourselves and we will continue to support it! But it’s become to saturated right now and that’s what we’re getting at.”

WOW… Can we get an amen?

With a salute-worthy statement like that, these tunes Chris and Nick have recommended almost seem superfluous, but they’ve picked some awesome cuts for six different scenarios, so tuck in and get wise:


Break – Gave Too Much

Taken from his forthcoming new album. This is just right to get you in the mood for carnage later.


Solo45 – Feed Them Too The Lions

Just rowdy, rowdy, rowdy. This would make you chuck your mum across the dance. F**k off.


Omen Feat J.Cole – Things Change

Taken from Omen’s acclaimed album Elephant Eyes. This just has everything I need in order to kick back and relax.


Notorious B.I.G – Everyday Struggle

I don’t leave home without Biggie. Travelling the world with the big man is the only way.


D’angelo – When We Get By

The smoothest of the smooth…. Nobody can touch D’angelo when it comes to setting the mood.


Xzibit – What You See Is What You Get

For some reason Xzibit just makes you get shit done. Jerk Chicken is easy with this blazing.

The Prototypes – Hypercube is out now. Support:

Beatport: http://bit.ly/vpr078bp
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/vpr078