The Story Behind The Song: BadKlaat – Bad Like This


What a year it’s been so far for BadKlaat… Breaking open 2015 like an F1 driver might a bottle of Cristal, he sprayed his low end load all over the floor throughout the winter with his monstrous Machine EP on Dub Police.

Now he’s followed it up with an equally arresting, alarming and ardent EP on Never Say Die: Black Label. Three originals and one stupendous rub from Megalodon deep, we copped Bad Like This

What with every one in the comment section arguing over whether it’s trap or dubstep, we thought we’d call up the young UK artist and ask him: Is it trap? Is it dubstep? Or do you even give a shit?

“I really don’t give a shit! I can see why people are saying it’s trap because it’s got those classic trap drums but it’s just something I’ve made and goes down really well when I play it out. It actually came about through my old track called Get Twisted, which I released about a year and a half ago.

“Dub Police brought Get Twisted through and it was a really important release for me. It had a similar kind of sound and I wanted to develop on the vibe that I’d done with that. I do enjoy working with those sounds and, to be really honest, I don’t think about genres when I’m making tracks. What is much more important is how it goes down when you play it live and with Bad Like This the reaction is incredible. I really wanted the intro to be really wavey and epic, it’s one of my favourite intro’s I’ve done so far – it’s got that proper intense impact I was hoping for.

“In terms of the whole EP, the release came together very very quickly. Bad Like This was first in the bag. I sent it to Skism and he liked it so we started discussing releasing it as a single. A few weeks later I put down Serious Sound and We Be Clubbing and they both came together really nicely. SKisM liked them, too… So the release went from single to EP and the release date got pushed forward about three months. Basically SKisM doesn’t mess around!”

Neither does BadKlaat…