The Story Behind The Song: Diamond Eyes & Christina Grimmie – Stay With Me

diamon eyes & christina grimmie - Stay With Me

That feeling when you’re down, alone, pissed or frustrated and a single piece of music instantly lifts you and changes your perspective entirely… Awesome isn’t it?

We’ve all been there. Including Christina Grimmie. Exhausted and lonely during the intense experience participating in last year’s series of The Voice USA, someone shared a Diamond Eyes track with her. It flipped her mood so much she hunted him down and requested a collaboration with him.

Naturally, the Disciple artist duly obliged.

“Honestly, we clicked straight away. We have a very similar taste in music & our writing methodology is almost identical,” explains Diamond Eyes who also shares Christina’s well-publicised love for gaming. “I actually have been following her work way before she heard of me, first impressions were ‘WOAH, that’s a good voice!’ I had no idea a woman could love video games as much as she does.”

It seems the love goes both ways. Here’s a really cool story of how Diamond Eyes & Christina Grimmie made THIS…

Christina: “I heard about Josh through a friend of mine who posted his song Rivers on my Facebook wall… I was on The Voice at the time and feeling lonely because several of my friends had gone home, and this song instantly hit me. I fell in love with it!”

“So I then went on a spree of searching for all his music on Youtube and realized he seemed to write melodies and hooks much like I did… I thought maybe a write would be interesting. So I decided to message him on Facebook, not expecting a response. But he did! And we started talking and decided we’d be a great write match-up!”

Diamond Eyes: “We started the first night we met and finished it the next day, so less than 24 hours to get the whole thing. Fun fact… Stay With Me started its life as a future bass record. Christina was on the floor falling asleep. She kept saying ‘can’t think anymore, must sleep’ and I just said ‘no Christina – STAY WITH ME’ And so it was born….”

And who knows? It may well be the start of more bass-fuelled Grimmie-fronted releases…

“I would like to get more of this stuff out for sure!” she explains. “It’s so fun to think of musical drops that reflect the lyric your writing. That’s why this music is so amazing to me….”

AMEN to that!