Three Things You Didn’t Know About: Joe Nebula


Checked this yet? Silent Code’s massive remix of the summer-singed smash Twisted World…

Get to know: Joe Nebula might appear to be a new name to many. But trust us; he’s been involved in front of and behind the scenes for years. For the past six years he’s been at the helm of Back 2 You Recordings. Back in the early 90s he was a founding member of rave act Nebula II where he played a key role in the UK party scene, laying down foundations for the beast it has long since become with cuts like this:

In his own words, however, it was all a bit too young and too soon…

“I was 18 when Nebula II was kicking off in1991. That era was so inspiring,” he reflects. “Hearing tracks like 4 Hero’s Mr Kirk’s Nightmare and Unique Three’s The Theme. They made me jump out of the hip-hop scene and into the vibrant and exciting rave scene. They were incredible times. The reason, I believe, Nebula II didn’t go on to succeed after the original successes was because we didn’t have a manager. We managed ourselves. Back then we were 18 years old. We’d been paid a large sum of money and we partied in a great way. If we’d had have a bit more guidance then we may have been partying a lot longer!”

Reigniting the party with Back 2 You Recordings, Joe has spent the last six years developing a talented troupe and his own repertoire of tracks. The Rachel Wallace-fronted Twisted World is just the beginning…

“Silent Code have smashed it,” he says. “Rachel smashed it, too. She was the main backing singer for the Stereo MCs. Her main career has been taken up by them; she was touring with them they’re really famous… It’s great to have her on my track!”

Expect lots more from Joe and his Back 2 You crew in the coming months. Find out more about the label on their website and Joe’s Soundcloud. In the meantime, here’s a little more background on Joe and his colourful past, present and future…

He once warmed up for Busta Rhymes

“Technically we warmed up for the warm up band who warmed up for the warm up band for Busta Rhymes. We were very first on the bill has last on the bill but we didn’t care… We loved it! It was in Bristol, it was one of our earliest shows, and we were beside ourselves! It was such a good day for us, all of our friends came down and we had a ball. I got to meet him backstage and you wouldn’t believe the size of his cheeks! One of his cheeks is the size of my entire face! I was a bit star-struck, I have no idea what I said to him… It was probably something very stupid!”

He was a childhood TV actor

“I appeared on TV as young as six and carried on right through into my teens. I was on a really old kids show called Play School. It was THE kids TV program in the UK… There wasn’t much to watch back then! I then went on to appear on loads of different kids TV shows doing various little parts. I was in a programme called Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It, which won a BAFTA. I was in another show where two black boys were accused of stealing a white boy’s BMX. It was touching on a racism vibe, which, for the 80s, was pretty forward thinking TV.”

He’s launched Back 2 You Education

“This is a side project I run with Ryan Paul. At the moment we’re sponsoring two girls in Africa to go to school and go to university. The bigger idea with this project will be to build a school out in Gambia and help more kids with their education. I went on holiday out there and fell in love with the country and people; seeing what they have and how they use those resources is pretty humbling. I got asked if I could send them courses for computers so they could better jobs. So I sent over some software to a few people and decided to build on that. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved so far and want to work hard to develop something even bigger.”

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