Three Things You Didn’t Know About: Pythius


Earlier this month we premiered the heavyweight sounds of Black Sun Empire & Pythius’s Desert Sound on Soundcloud…

Last week Desert Sand was officially unleashed as part of the Abandon EP, complete four other firing examples of razor-sharp Utrechtian neuro science. Currently found smashing the Beatport D&B Top 5, we called up the 24-year-old Dutchman to find out a little more about him and the release…

The Abandon EP took a year to make… And the title track was almost canned!

“The whole thing did take me a long to produce! One, because I’m a perfectionist. And two, I was still finishing my education. I was studying music production. My tutors were actually really cool – they gave me an extension on some of my work so I could finish my release. And I was also able to use some of the release for my studies which was pretty cool. I finished the course with good results so happy with that.

Abandon was the hardest track to finish. I was ready to give it up and stop working on it because I was getting so frustrated. I sent it to Black Sun Empire and said I was getting fed up with it but they were like ‘what is this? Do not delete it!’ It was quite a close call!”

Releasing on Blackout has serious roots…

“Blackout started as a drum & bass night here in Utrecht. My first ever night out was at Blackout, so drum & bass started for me with those guys! I still remember my first ever Blackout experience: Pendulum were playing – it was 2005 and I was blown away by the music. I went to the parties pretty much religiously after that. So to release something on the label is incredible. Black Sun Empire have had a great influence on the city… There are so many talented producers operating out of here – from June Miller to my good friends Ordure and Sinister Souls. Utrecht is a great city for drum & bass!”

He hasn’t always been called Pythius… 

“Years ago I had to think really hard about a name because the one I was DJing with wasn’t really suited to drum & bass… I was originally called DJ Fiets, which translates to DJ Bicycle! It was a bit silly… It came about from a very drunk new year’s night and stuck for a while. No surprises, but I picked Pythius when I was totally sober.”

BONUS Fact: We won’t have to wait a year for the next Pythius EP!

“You definitely won’t have to wait another year for more material. I’m already working on my next EP. I’ve got one track finished and done some cool collabs lined up. I’m working with Nymfo, which I’m really excited about. I’ve also done some cool stuff with Ordure and Sinister Souls. We’ve worked together before and we’ve got some special stuff coming very very soon…”

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