TomorrowWorld: The Key To Happiness…


UKF sent me out to TomorrowWorld last weekend with just one goal: find as many great artists as I could and ask them one simple question…

What is the key to happiness?

This is what they told us…


The key to happiness is….One Million dollars.


It sounds cheesy, but it’s doing something that you love and that you’re happy with. Every day I do this, I wake up tired as shit– I’m flying around, in hotels and hungover —  but I’m just happy to do another show in front of my fans. I love doing that more than anything.


Friendship is the key to happiness! Beats, Beers and Buds.

Cash Cash

A perfectly EQ-ed kick drum and a good night’s sleep- which never happens simultaneously.


The Chainsmokers- TW

The Chainsmokers

Alex: Cheese and crackers at the end of the night
Drew: Cheese and crackers is the key to happiness?
Alex: Yeah I love cheese and crackers.


Dannic- TW


For me, it’s in the little things like giving my mom or dad a good hug— I’m a family kind of guy. And of course my passion for music, like playing in front of thousands of people or making music. That’s what really makes me happy.


Dyro- TW


Expect nothing; the lower your expectations the lower your disappointment.


The key to happiness is doing what you love and sticking to it, that’s how we got to where we are. It took us a long time to get anywhere doing what we love!

Oliver Heldens

For me, the key to happiness is creating music, making more people happy, and being able to share my love and feelings with the music. But I’m 19 years old, so maybe the key to happiness will change later.


Le Castle Vania- TW

Le Castle Vania

The key to happiness is creativity, as in putting something creative and positive out into the world.

Yves V

For me, it’s music; music is my passion, music is my life and it makes me happy. It also connects a lot of people, so for me, music is the key to happiness and the key to enjoy life.


Victor: If you do what you love, you’ll be really happy for the rest of your life.
Ruben: And always surround yourself with good people while you do what you love. For us that’s the key to happiness.

Photography: Maximilian Rutyna


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