Top 10 Classic Festival Bangers: DJ Zinc


REWIND: If there’s one place a stone cold classic can be dropped without fear of chin-stroking reprisal, it’s a festival. Perfect for unifying all ages and levels of interest and a super sharp shot of energy for the jaded faithful who are flagging after a few days on the waves, classics are essential for all DJs playing at any one of the thousands of outdoor events happening around the world this summer.

Zinc knows this all too well. He’s made a fair few classics himself and regularly urges you to share them with your mates if they don’t own them as well…

He’s also responsible for a little contemporary musical magic, too. Literally…

Yet another nugget in Zinc’s 20+ year strong repertoire… Released today, Magic is a deep Bingo gem boasting trippy bass textures, a sneaky break and yearning vocals from the unstoppable singer/songwriter Javeon.

Back to the classics, and here are Zinc’s top 10, in no particular order.

“Some of these tracks are firm festival favourites,” he says. “A couple are ones I don’t hear so many people play but that I love playing. I love festival season.”

We love Zinc. Perhaps he’ll drop one or two when he plays at Sundown Festival with us on September 2? Enjoy…

Underworld – Born Slippy (Junior Boy’s Own, 1995)


Hard as nails until the breakdown, then euphoric without the cringe!

High Contrast – If We Ever (Hospital, 2007)


One of the best D&B tracks ever, feels so good hearing this.

Faithless – Insomnia (Cheeky, 1995)


Another oldie. I don’t play this one but I watch festivals go crazy to it again and again.

DJ Narrows – Saved Soul (Ressurection, 2001)


One of my favourites from the tail end of the UKG scene, you can tell who the heads are as they go mad to this.

Prodigy – Out Of Space (XL, 1992)


Perfect mix of reggae and rave… Singalong perfection!

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) (Polydor, 2009)


Such a good hook on the original… A-Trak took it to another level

Dizzee Rascal – I Luv U (XL, 2003)


The first anthem and, for me, the best.

DJ Hazard & Distorted Mindz – Mr Happy (Playaz, 2007)


This makes people go fucking mental!

SFA – I’ll Bring You Flowers (WEA, 1999)



Another straight-up garage singalong anthem

The Jacksons – Blame It On The Boogie (Epic, 1977)


I play this sometimes as the last track to change up the mood. He’s still the king of pop!