Top 10: Excision Tracks


Prepare to be infected: tomorrow, October 25, Excision will unleash a Virus and there is no cure…

His third full studio album, Virus caps off Excision’s busiest year so far. Fresh from touring his biggest live concept show across the US – the Paradox – and his exclusive-boosted annual Shambhala mix, Virus features 16 tracks that should satiate the hardest of Excision headbangers until he takes his show on the road once again.

For a full-flavoured taste of Virus head over to Excision’s Facebook where he’s teasing the dickens out of the tracks – including this summer’s much-lauded Harambe with Datsik and Dion Timmer. (RIP big guy)

Until tomorrow, here are 10 of the Canadian’s many massive cuts. Let us know which bangers we’ve missed out in the comment section below!

Excision & Downlink – Existence VIP

This one goes out to all you Dark Souls out there. Easily one of Excision’s best ever productions – those weirdo bass rises, the samples, the mad rhythmic switches. The legend never dies.

Pendulum – Showdown (Excision Remix)

Slimy sounds from 2009 as a young Excision takes the In Silico hit through the grit mangle. Deep, distorted and straight up nasty. Those growls though…

Excision & Downlink – Crowd Control

Don’t f**k around! Excision and Downlink set the scenes for Destroid back with this nasty piece of work. Still toxic to this day. 2011 crew where are you?

Excision, Downlink & Space Laces – Raise Your Fist

Achieved an elevated existence? Raise your fist! Destroid ground zero circa 2013 this still blurs the senses now with its pummelling double kicks and 20-shade bass cavalcade. KO material.

Datsik – Retreat (Excision Remix)

Another flashback flex to 2009, there’s a roughness to both Datsik and Excision’s originals that’s very much of its time – still fine-tuning their sound and still very much inspired by the UK sound at the time, these early productions are maturing like fine wines. Wines that make you screwface and tell the DJ to ‘f**k off m9!’

Excision – Codename X

Can’t dwell over past conquests too much… Excision is still donning it and last year’s Codename X is one of many reasons why. Check the pent-up fury in the guitar chugs that plummet into that thundering drop. Ouch.

Excision – Throwing Elbows

Even more freshness comes by way of Throwing Elbows – due out on his album Virus tomorrow. Absolute mosh fire, this has been a serious highlight of his legendary Paradox shows this year.

Excision & Pegboard Nerds – Bring The Madness (Feat Mayor Apeshit)

Everything about this smacks: Excision’s relentless guitar energy, the overt Pegboard funkiness, Apeshit’s controlled delivery and that neck-snapping D&B switch midway. A whole tonne of yes.

Excision – X-Rated (Feat Messinian)

More MC-fronted bizzle as Excision and Messinian serve up some serious adult gear. Execution levels are high.

Excision, Downlink & Ajapai – Before The Sun

Before the sun there was darkness…. Darkness like this brutal piece of low end nasty from Excision and long-time cohorts Downlink and Ajapai. The whole vibe on this is nasty – the seasick rhythm, the strange harmonics, the weird glitches. Play this to the ‘transformers having sex’ bullshit brigade we had to endure back in the day and they’d probably have a coronary.

Head to Excision’s Facebook for full details on Virus