Top 10: FD’s Perfect SUNANDBASS Daytime Tracks

Photography: Jimmy Mould


Bank Holiday Crew this one’s for you. To celebrate the release of his All Yours EP earlier this month, we’ve asked FD to dig deep and draw 10 perfect daytime D&B cuts.

A precision selection, the list ranges from Source Direct to S.P.Y, Klute to Calibre. It’s inspired by the forthcoming SUNANDBASS festival in Sardinia next month (who FD works closely with and releases on their label) but to be honest it’s perfect for any type of daytime activity you have planned this weekend.

Scroll down to see what he’s picked. But first a few words on his signature full spectrum flavoured three-tracker EP All Yours…

First EP of the year. Arriving into 2018 fashionably late, eh?

Yeah, I’m sometimes not so good at getting my ducks in a row. Been working hard though and will have lots to show for it soon. But yeah, it took me a while to get this finished to how I wanted it, and so it’s now come a little later than we would have liked!

I feel with all your EPs, but especially this one, you always show your true spread. Intentional or just the way things work out naturally?

It’s intentional I suppose. I really like all different kinds of drum & bass and always have done – whether it’s musical stuff, tech stuff, B-Boy breaks stuff – it doesn’t matter for me, if it gets me, it gets me. And so I guess when I’m putting together a project/release, it fits that it could be a wide range of sounds and styles. I hope the different flavours complement one another and it feels that there’s a certain thread between it all, but to me when it’s decided to put certain tracks together, I like the idea that there could be something there for a wide range of tastes, ‘something for everybody’, if you like.

Do the seasons affect what you write? What type of tunes were you writing during that awesome heatwave we had for a bit?

I don’t think so, no. I find the longer I do this, the more I can push the process in a certain direction, or come out with something at the end that I roughly wanted in the beginning, but generally I’m quite free in how I write, and try to let the sounds I decide to use push the direction of what comes out. Obviously the sound selection is therefore extremely key, and if I decide to use a jazz sample, or a piano sample, that idea is going to come out sounding a certain way. But I’d say that coupled with my mood that day are the most important factors in determining the kind of tracks I’m trying to write.

Sticking with the heat: tell us about the perfect day time D&B vibe. What does a tune need to do / or need to have to complement a daytime shindig?

Tough one I reckon actually. I guess I’d have to say that overall, I’d expect a more relaxed atmosphere in a day thing – especially if everyone’s been out the night before – they’ll all be knackered! So probably something that’s a bit more held back, a bit more atmospheric, more of a listening track than an absolute smasher. Obviously that’s just what would probably do it for me, and I’m sure I’m going to select plenty of things that people would say ‘oh no, I’d do it the other way’, but that’s the way my mind-set would be going. You’d still be watching what happens though surely, selecting depending on how people are reacting. Or you could have a sick, all planned out, ready to kill it, full of double drops set…and then watch everyone leave. Up to you..

How about a daytime vibe at SUNANDBASS? Does the context of the festival change the necessary requirements of a daytime D&B track?

It’s all about context. Like I said before, from my point of view, there are so many different sounds and styles within the drum & bass umbrella that all have some merit or something special to them. I like the idea that DJing is about taking risks, surprising people, testing people, and always looking to push the envelope, do things that aren’t expected, obvious.

One of the really great things about SUNANDBASS is that the people that come to it are obviously so dedicated and in love with the music. For me that’s really special and something that really marks it out from other things. So as a DJ, that should give you the chance to really try and do something exciting or different and create a special and unique moment. Therefore in my head, I would be feeling that I can really have a dig, draw for that weird sounding thing, or from a totally different source, and maybe you wouldn’t always feel so comfortable to do that somewhere else.

Now please give us 10 perfect SUNANDBASS daytime tracks….


Creative Force – It’s So Good (Victor Simonelli Full Mix)

OK so it’s not D&B, but when I played a UKG set on the beach last year, I had to play this. An amazing track in its own right, you might also recognise the vocal from one of the greatest D&B tunes ever made by two of the best people ever to do it.


Calibre – People of Tomorrow

I’ve always loved this track since it came out – perfect little groover, nice and mellow but with the funk. Seems like it could fit perfectly.


Source Direct – Secret Liaison

I could play this any day, any night, anywhere. It’s got to be one of my favourite tunes ever – but imagine that at the special secret location with the sun coming down, looking at Isola Tavolara.


A Sides & MC Fats – Moment In Time (SPY Remix)

Again this could work anytime, but I can just imagine someone dropping that at Bal Harbour and the place totally popping off. You could be keeping it cool for a bit, and then just roll this in at the drop.



JMJ & Richie – Free La Funk (PFM Remix)

Pretty sure I remember JB of All Crews playing this on the beach one year and probably shed a tear or three. Such a beautiful piece of music, imagine if you could be having a little swim in the crystal clear sea to this one..



Nasty Habits – Liquid Fingers (Goldie Remix)

Foundation Drum & Bass that needs to be unleashed at any possible opportunity. This is a really a SUNANDBASS vibe for me, the blend of the light and the dark, a perfect piece of music that any enthusiast will enjoy to the max. Phase 2…


Klute – Now, Always, Forever (Calibre Remix)

Such a beautiful tune and one that always stays in the ever-shrinking-and-weighing-less bag. I’m a sucker for a good groove, can you tell?


dBridge – Kismet

Got to be one of my favourite dBridge tunes – so so good. Again it’s got that beautiful blend of light and dark, a beauty that Drum & Bass often captures so brilliantly.


Total Science & SPY – Past Lives

Can see this one working really well on La Cinta. With that new system and stage on the beach last year, things really stepped up a notch; this would be perfect.


Marcus Intalex – Refreshed

Had to include this as I’d love to hear this on La Cinta. Hopefully someone will read this and do it for me this year…

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