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In two weeks time Knife Party will drop one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. Since the duo announced the album Abandon Ship back in August, frenzy has been building steadily. The release of Begin Again and Resistance have ensured that the hype has reached fever pitch. And the delay of the album has ensured the frenzy remains right up until release.

Naturally the album is immense and lives up to the hype. As you’ll see when it finally drops. In an ideal world we’d have interviewed Rob Swire about its creation and everything surrounding it. But he’s not one for interviews and prefers to let the music take the full focus it deserves.

We totally get this but will be the first to wave the ‘gutted’ flag: his wit is as sharp as his production and we’d love to have the opportunity to chat to him. Case in point: his Twitter feed.

Easily one of dance music’s funniest fellows: From sharing insightful titbits to publicly critiquing fellow musicians, the ex Pendulum producer expresses himself with more verve and smartness than any of his peers put together. So, in the absence of any quotes from the man himself, here are 10 of our favourite Rob Swire tweets… We could have picked hundreds.

Much more importantly, you can pre-order Knife Party – Abandon Ship right here

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UPDATE: Abandon Ship was scheduled for October 27. This feature was originally written with that release date in mind and has since been edited. Roll on November 10 when the album will be released.

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