TQD- Share Their Ones To Watch

As UK Bass and Garage music continues to soar in popularity, and the trio known as TQD, composed of Royal-T, DJ Q, and Flava D, remains at the forefront of this vibrant musical landscape. While some have labeled them a ‘supergroup,’ the essence of TQD is refreshingly straightforward – they are a trio of friends united by a shared passion for creating infectious dancefloor anthems inspired by the timeless sounds of classic UK garage and bassline.

Since their inaugural collaborative venture with ‘Day & Night,’ released on Butterz in 2015, TQD has emphatically demonstrated the power of their three-way formula. They’ve taken their electrifying fusion of predominantly original tracks to clubs and festivals worldwide, consistently shaking up dancefloors with their awe-inspiring 4-deck sets. 

In response to the demand for more diverse club programming in London, XOYO and TQD have teamed up to present a lineup that promised to elevate the presence of UKGand bassline music in the capital throughout September. So far their residency’s been testament to XOYO’s commitment to fostering a community where music enthusiasts can come together safely to embrace all facets of London’s club culture.

We asked the trio to give us a little taste of what they’re listening to and who we should be looking out for. These are TQD’s ones to watch. 



I really rate Prozak’s approach to UKG. I like how he pinpoints things that really get things ticking in the rave. Dark and harsh when things need to be or soulful when the time calls for it. His bootlegs also shell down so many shows I’ve played.


Jaikea is consistently putting out really high quality Garage and Bass music. I feel like he’s one tune away from hitting another level. A hard worker and has all the fundamentals to be in this game for a long time.

Drinks On Me 

One thing I always think about when releasing or posting my music is that if I don’t show how much I love my records and art, how can I expect anyone else to? Drinks On Me really does this effortlessly, his passion translates into his music and everything he puts out. He’s not scared to draw outside of the lines and sets an incredible example of what it means to be an electronic music producer in 2023!



Bullet Tooth

A few months ago, I stumbled upon Bullet Tooth when I discovered a bootleg version of Ms. Dynamite’s “Boo.” Since then, his edits have become a regular feature in my sets. For me, his version of “Baddadan” stands out as one of this summer’s top tracks in all my sets, whether it be at festivals or in clubs. I’m eagerly anticipating the upcoming original music he has in store.

PJ Bridger

PJ Bridger’s impact in the garage music scene extends well beyond the label of an up-and-comer, given his consistent success over the past couple of years. As the popularity of UK Garage continues to soar, PJ Bridger seems poised for an exceptional year ahead. I had the pleasure of seeing him play live a few weeks ago. His DJ sets definately match the excitement of his productions.

Spraybox (Record Label) 

Spraybox, a record label from Japan, is playing a vital role in bridging the gap between the UK and Japan in the realm of club music. Their distinctive fusion of UK Garage has attracted contributions from producers worldwide. Their sound encompasses the entire UKG and Bass spectrum, with standout tracks from the past year including “81244” by Kyo & That Fancy I and “Move Harder” by Genick & Jacotanu. Recently, Dutch producer Mar’One has also made waves with a couple of standout tracks on the label.



Oppidan is a producer whose journey I have been following for quite a while now. It’s really cool to see how she’s really built a name for herself and is one of the most exciting artists representing the new wave of UK Garage.


Driia is an artist that I recently discovered at Glastonbury from my b2b set with Jaguar. Her tune ‘Anyone I Want’ has been a personal fave over the summer. She’s a really great vocalist that’s very hands on with production across different genres including UK Garage and d&b.


I’ve recently been repping a lot of Euphonqiue’s tunes in my DnB sets. Her dark rollers just hit differently. Although she isn’t new to the scene, the output of releases has been really consistent over the past year and she’s definitely a producer to look out for on the circuit as well as her relaunched label Subwoofah.

You can grab tickets to the last night of the residency here.

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