Tune Of The Month: June 2014


New music… We’re hopelessly addicted to it.

Recently our fixation has reached a whole new level.

Not content with the new uploads we’ve sourced for our own channels. Not content with enjoying the freshness on other like-minded channels. We’ve recruited more new music suppliers. 10 new suppliers every single month in fact… Each one with a global pedigree for pure selection quality.

Not ones to hog our score, we’re passing the new music buzz straight on to you. This is what 10 pro DJs have dug digging this month. From Hannah Wants to Noisia, Far Too Loud to Jade Blue, Koven to Feed Me – each one of them has given us a heads up on a tune that’s really stood out to them amongst the millions of releases each month.

Read on and find out what the big guys are playing and loving. There’s some really interesting picks… Joe Ford has repped a metal tune!

Our new music journey just got deeper…

Calyx & Teebee

Tune: Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids

“The Dutch masters are back with a BANG! An EP with 8 tracks is out this week. Asteroids is our pick of the bunch. Absolute dancefloor destruction.”

Far Too Loud

Tune: Charlie Darker – Guns For Hire

“Charlie Darker has put out some great and consistent electro recently. I reckon pretty much every set I’ve played this year has included one of his tracks. This is his most recent offering; a perfect mix of epic melody, weirdo bass and big pounding drums.  Best thing about it… it’s free to download!

Feed Me

Tune: Noisia – Oh Oh

“Classic, slightly eccentric aggressive Noisia. I’ll never tire of these guys!”

Hannah Wants

Tune: Emeli Sande – Read All About It (Stefan Biniak Bootleg)

“I’ve not long discovered this track but I’ve completely fallen in love… It’s probably one of the most beautiful and delicate remixes I’ve ever heard! It’s a piece of music to get completely lost in, it has a real feel good vibe and although it’s not something I could drop in my peak time bass-heavy sets, I’ll definitely be rinsing this in Ibiza and on boat parties throughout the summer!”

Jade Blue

Tune: Adi Ulmansky – Was It You?

“I’ve been listening to Miss Adi Ulmansky for the last few months after having seen her play in London at an Israeli showcase. Which, I have to say, was incredible. This multi-talented Tel Aviv based singer, producer and even rapper is really pushing the right buttons for me at the moment. I can’t get enough of her stuff and what a performance she puts on live. Inspirational.”

Joe Ford

Tune: Animals As Leaders – The Woven Web

“Animals As Leaders are my favourite band for sure. They released their latest album The Joy Of Motion this year and I’ve had it on repeat since I could get my hands on it. There’s a section to this track at about 1:30 that combines some of the most interesting rhythmical and temporal ideas I’ve ever heard.”


Tune: Broods – Taking You There

“Very pleased to have stumbled across these guys quite early on in their career. What really draws me into their work is the captivating voice of lead singer Georgia, teamed with a perfect blend of acoustic and electronic elements. The whole Broods EP is a MUST listen, but Taking You There really stands out for me. Can’t wait to hear more from these guys.”

Millions Like Us

Tune: Lido – Money

“For our tune of the month we’re going to pick Money by Lido. We love the whole I Love You EP that this is from. It’s such a fresh take on electronic music right now. You can hear a lot of influences in this track and he’s managed to fuse them all perfectly. Definitely not your average ‘banger’!”


Tune: Mefjus- Signalz (Emperor Remix)

“This one came out end of march, so not that brand new, but we still get super excited to play it every time!”

Sub Zero

Tune: Konichi – Don’t Make Me Laugh

“This tune is so sick and so different! In fact when I first got sent it a few months back I kinda dismissed it as a bit weird. I then thought ‘you know what? I’m gonna have another listen to that Konichi tune!’ So I cranked up my speakers at home and blasted at it out. I was like ‘yeah this is sick!!’ I’ve been playing it every set now and it kills it every time! It just rolls and rolls and the riff is super-catchy. It kinda reminds me of a super funky Clipz riff. Great tune! Watch out for this one, trust me. Another Playaz smasher.”


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