Tune Of The Month: November 2014


Here’s the bad news: this is the last Tune Of The Month of 2014

Here’s the good news: next month we’ll be asking double the amount of artists for their tune of the year!

Here’s some more good news: We’ve got some ridiculously good names in this month’s Tune Of The Month episode… And they’ve all made great recommendations. Lenzman and Insideinfo have rewound the clock to suggest classic pull-ups, Seven Lions backs up his well publicized love for Opeth and Dani Deahl lays down the perfect post-weekend crash  cushion. Plus loads more.

11 big names triggering 11 new musical discoveries… This is why we love Tune Of The Month so much. Tune in next month for Tune Of The Year. It’s going to be huge.


Tune: Stealth & Dirty Hertz – Revival

“This is a steppy floor killing track from the one they call Stealth. When I received this EP I was completely blown away. For me this track stood head and shoulders above the rest; the break edits and subtle pads really move this tune forward progressing into the second breakdown. It’s one of those tracks that needs to be heard on a full blown rig! Epic release from the Stealth and his collabing partners in crime Dirty Hertz! Don’t sleep on this track and be sure to check out the rest of the EP.”

Dani Deahl

Tune: VÉRITÉ – Weekend

“I feel like I’m in a lucky position because I run a Hype Machine blog – I get promos from all sorts of genres, not just dance, and yes, we listen to every one that’s sent in. It’s nice because it forces exposure upon me to new, indie and unknown artists I would never have found otherwise. And let’s be real, as hard as my sets are, I don’t listen to that kind of music all the time. One artist that has crossed my blog’s inbox several times in the past few months is VÉRITÉ. Her Echo EP is sublime – the musical incarnation of sugar cookies and pixie dust with an indie rock streak. Weekend is still my favorite – there’s something inherently happy and uplifting about it – I have it sitting on my desktop to play when I need a smile.”


Tune: Haywyre – Everchanging

“This kid is like the best of the best right now, in my opinion. Not only is he super young and new, but he has a certain style that only he can touch. The build, the breaks, the drops–everything about this tune is just gold. The track starts off clean, slowly gets more and more funky, then ends clean. That’s without mentioning the memorable melodies throughout. Haywyre is definitely the dude to lookout for in 2015. He also has an insane live video of him playing his “smooth criminal” song. Check him out. Now.”


Tune: FSOL – Cascade

“I found out about FSOL through purchasing an old mix album by Sasha & Digweed called Northern Exposure. It’s One of my fav albums ever and this track was on it. One of my favourite pieces of music of all time, it’s just incredible to hear all elements being brought in and how much atmosphere it has. Totally unique and inspiring, takes me to another place every time I hear it.”


Tune: Shelter- Red Eyes

“I have been feeling this tune since the day it was uploaded. The sound design is superb, melody is addictive, and overall feel of it is just incredible. It’s such a nice track, I love it so much!”


Tune: Mistical – Believe (Feat Robert Owens)

“Fallen back in love with this beauty recently – don’t sleep.”


Tune: Nu:Tone – Tides (Feat Lea Lea)

“Tides is possibly the classiest cut of vocal drum and bass music I have heard all year. Its my favourite track fromNu:Tone’s album Future History. It’s catchy and uplifting yet has an underlying deepness both in the music and the lyrics. With D&B making such an impact on radio and the charts over the last year or so, it would be a disservice to D&B if this didn’t do the same. However, with its slightly more subtle approach compared to other radio friendly D&B tracks, it will be interesting to see if the powers that be and the buying public feel the same as me.  Either way I’m a huge fan of this amazing track!”


Tune: Antiserum & Mayhem – Flame

“First of all, I love these guys. Two of the best people in the industry! I love this song because of the creative melody and childish air about it. The world needs more music that takes you out of the crushing seriousness that pervades the EDM world lately. Great track!”

The Prototypes

Tune: Skrillex – Ragga Bomb – Teddy Killers Remix

“Absolute monster of a remix from Teddy Killerz….  A proper rave slayer. This one will be getting drawn for a while”

Seven Lions

Tune: Opeth – Elysian Woes

“One of my favorites off their new album. The way the song flows and changes melody and instrumentation is beautiful. Perfectly crafted.”


Tune: One Republic – I Lived (Arty Remix)

“We love the vocals on this one. One Republic is usually quality, and the melody that Arty added in the drops is so good. The vibe of this track is very melancholic and we love how it builds up to the big drop in the end.”