Tune Of The Month: October 2014


It’s all kicking off in Tune Of The Month Town right now! Our thirst for new music and fresh inspirations from the biggest selectors and most exciting emerging players has resulted in some exceptional recommendations… Feel good house from Rogue, an out and out dubstep classic from Cookie Monsta, beautiful chill step from Au5, deep jazz science from Blu Mar Ten and loads more!

Every month we ask the same question: what’s your favourite tune been this month?

Every month we are never disappointed with the results. Enjoy and discover!

Andy C

Tune: Audio – Nil By Mouth

“Audio’s smashed it with this one. The whole EP is incredible. But if I had to pick one it’s Nil By Mouth. Classic Audio, this kills it every time.”


Tune: Snow Dayy – The Tunnel (Said The Sky Remix)

“I stumbled upon this the other day and immediately fell in love. Melodic chillstep with a future bass influence and a progression reminiscent of BT’s The Emergency, it immerses you in a lush soundscape of colour and dynamism. Then the second drop comes and launches you into oblivion with a perfect blend of epic chord pads spliced with huge morphing basses and the most delicious square arps. Said The Sky is a true, yet underrated, artist with acute attention to detail and musicality. Inspiring.”


Tune: Raf Riley – Goblinz (The Wake)

“The perfect Halloween banger in my opinion. Goblinz samples a line from the notorious b-movie Troll 2: “They’re eating her, and then they’re gonna eat me! Oh my god!”

Raf constructs a track around this vocal that hits so hard that I’m almost afraid to play it out. I liked it so much I dropped it in my first ever BBC mix. The way the sub comes in on the third beat is insane, and the drums are mixed superbly. Definitely a killer weapon.”

Blu Mar Ten

Tune: John Coltrane – Sun Stars

“Taken from the album Stellar Regions. I discovered this lesser-known recording in the summer 1995 and bought it purely on the strength of the cover. It took me years to understand the whole album, as so much of it is barely music as most of us recognise it. It takes a lot of time to work through the chaos and see the patterns, but they’re there if you listen long and hard enough. It’s well worth doing.”

Cookie Monsta

Tune: 16 Bit – Swine Flu

“My tune of the month is in fact pretty much my favourite tune in the history of dubstep. There are obviously a tonne of tracks I could pull out of the bag, but this one for me is still an absolute banger. It was before its time and I believe no one actually knew how frikking good it actually is back then. It’s timeless. I was inspired so much by this tune back when it was released in 2009. Even now when I play it in the car It still gives me goosebumps.”


Tune: Remedy – YRTN

“My boy Remedy is easily my favourite up and coming producer. Keep an eye out for this…”


Tune: Geotheory – Futuristic Love (Part 1)

“Fell love with this tune first time I heard it. Geotheory has been killing it lately with this new style/genre which he likes to call Future Japan. I’ve been playing it out in almost every set ever since he sent it to me.”


Tune: Chroma – Sovereign

“Three lads from Newcastle who’ve been making D&B for all the right reasons for many years now… This has been my favourite tune by far for quite a while and it’s finally getting released… As a b-side!

As you all know, I do like a nice romantic amen tune and this is one of the best examples you’ll find out there. It’s got all the elements you need: Beautiful melodies, submerged reese b-line, killer ragga vocal and a masterfully chopped amen. Enough to devastate the dancehall while taking you to another place. Killer all the way, highly recommended.”

Our Time

Tune: deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese (Nom De Strip Remix)

“We’re both big fans of deadmau5 and Nom De Strip, and one of the mau5’s classic songs is The Reward Is Cheese, so naturally we were excited to get this tune. This is one of those remixes that takes the original’s ideas and pumps the volume to 11 in a way that’s both respectful and absolutely crazy at the same time. Nom De Strip killed it on this. Great track.”


Tune: The 2 Bears – Not This Time

“This may not be the standard ‘club banger’, but right now I’m really feeling this tune. It stood out to me the first time I heard it on the radio amongst many others, which is a big deal. Just driving along to this track gives me the best vibes- the vocals, piano, and beat are so catchy, and I really believe being able to create something that tickles the ears in this way takes some skill. Loving these guys at the moment.”


Tune: Adventure Club – Fade

“We’ve been big fans of these guys and they’ve become good friends. This latest release is one of our favourites. It’s been on repeat for us. A great example of song writing, melody and bass. The energy is amazing, too.”