Tune Of The Month: September 2014


What’s been your favourite tune this month?

A track that’s really cut through the noise, grabbed your entire attention and kept your ears on lockdown throughout.

This is the question we ask 10 of our favourite artists each and every month. A great way feed our new music addiction and get a clearer snapshot of what the representers are representing, every month we’re impressed by the results.

As always there are some very interesting Tune Of The Month selections… Doctor P’s Going Gorillas returns for a second month running, Prolix and Three Bar are both kicking it well and truly old school and Gordon from Botnek admits to feeling like a chainsaw whenever they drop MUST DIE!’s Hellcat.

Ah, the raw physical power of music! Check out every track below and let us know what your favourite tune has been this month in the comment section below.


Aero Chord

Tune: RL Grime- Core

“I’ve been a huge RL Grime fan ever since I first heard his Satisfaction remix. With this one, the man literally broke Soundcloud by scoring 1 million plays less than a week after its release. Those horns just make me feel some type of way.”

Bear Grillz

Tune: Doctor P – Going Gorillas

“My fall US tour of 50 shows begins tonight and Going Gorillas has got to be my most anticipated track to play in my set. In fact, I recently visited the Congo where my friend DJ Georgie Gorilla lives and he said that it has been slaying dance floors across the jungles in every part of the world. He also told me that it’s created a new dance where the gorillas actually go gorillas. Imagine that.”


Tune: MUST DIE! – Hellcat

“This makes me feel like a furious chainsaw. Whenever we play it people frown!” – Gordon of Botnek


Tune: TC – Everything for a reason

“Excellent track from all angles, brilliant vocal from the man himself, signature TC drums and punchy bass, beautifully searching melody to boot. Real masterpiece from Tom. Killer!”

Kill The Noise

Tune: Ellipant – Only Getting Younger (Milo & Otis Remix)

“Ah most of the tracks I wanna mention aren’t out yet. A track I’m really feelin lately that I can mention, though, is Milo and Otis’s remix of Elliphant’s Only Getting Younger. I love everything Milo & Otis touch at this point. They also remixed Recess, a song I did with Skrillex for his album. They nailed that one, too. In fact I think I’ve started every DJ set with that song since I got it. I’m gonna have to change that considering we are all going on tour together. These are definitely guys to keep an eye on. The songs I mentioned are awesome, listen to them, I could sit here and explain why I like them but I hate describing music, music is meant to be listened to.”

Milo & Otis

Tune: Destructo – Party Up (GTA Remix)

“This GTA remix is always a smash in our sets. If you’re looking for a peak time record that’ll get tittyass hands in the air, you can’t go wrong with this.”


Tune: Prolix & Misanthrop – Transcendent

“I’ve been playing this one out since the day it came out and the damage it does on the dancefloor is unreal. Crazy synth work and harmonics going on here, super punchy drums, crazy switch ups, everything I love about D&B on the dancefloor.”


Tune: Stakka & Skynet Feat Kemal & Rob Data – Bios Fear

“THAT REESE, THOUGH! The bongos! The beeps! FUCK OFF!”


Tune: Noisestorm –  Breakdown VIP

“We have all been really feeling this track because it’s a great combination of high energy bass music, a little bit of an emotional intro and hip hop bass elements at the drop. To us it conveys this warm almost happy feeling when first listening to it and then gives you this adrenaline rush when it drops.

The track starts off with this great pad and full stereo sound and then this catchy effected vocal sound lead builds in. The build happens seamlessly and then you get treated to this awesome big bass drop with a catchy lead. The second drop has an altered beat that even gives us a bit of D&B! The mix is great, the sound designs all fit together well; Altogether a great tune!”

Three Bar

Tune: Basement Jaxx – Jump N Shout

“I rediscovered this a few weeks ago. It’s old school and a personal thing. It reminds me of shocking out in my Reebok classics playing it off a battered old CD player on repeat. I’m pretty sure I bust some moves in my Reeboks when I discovered this recently, too. Might have to bootleg it. Big tune!”