UKF Fifth Birthday Series: Kove


What’s your favourite UKF upload?

Actually, we’ll make that easier… What are your favourite five UKF uploads?

This is the question we’ve been posing to members of the immense line-up we’ve recruited for our fifth birthday. Right about now we’re asking Kove. His relationship with UKF goes right back to his first full single release on Program two summers ago when we presented this still-awesome roller…

Since those early footsteps into the game he’s given us 14 tracks, amassing upwards of 10 million views! With this in mind, we’d be rude not to invite him to our party. On October 10 he’ll be playing alongside Camo & Krooked, Wilkinson, My Nu Leng, Brookes Brothers, TC, I See Monstas, Dimension, Toyboy & Robin, Taiki Nulight, Icarus, Cyantific, Koven and Hamilton.

“It’s gigantic!” laughs Kove of the line-up. Our rave roll-call isn’t the only thing that deserves ‘whopper’ status, though… His forthcoming EP sounds equally monolithic.

“It makes no sense musically,” he warns. “There’s a Dimension collaboration, a couple of house tunes and a cinematic drum & bass tune. I like the randomness of EPs, it’s not like an album where there should be a consistency, it’s basically four good dancefloor tunes!”

Makes perfect sense to us. With a tentative release for October, chances are he’ll be celebrating yet another successful release as well as our fifth anniversary. In the meantime, these are Kove’s five all-time favourite UKF uploads:

Catch Kove at UKF’s Fifth Birthday, October 10, Building Six, London!

John Newman – Love Me Again (Kove Remix)

“My first commercial remix, this was massive for me. It’s the first video that got over a million views, which helped me reach a lot more fans, but more importantly it still goes down incredibly well in my sets. I should probably retire it soon but it’s hard when I’ve got such an attachment to it!”

My Nu Leng – Masterplan

“I’m such a massive fan of My Nu Leng’s music! They’re smashing it at the moment and we keep bumping into each other at shows this year, they’re really nice guys and fantastic DJs. House music is reaching saturation point at the moment, which makes these guys even more exciting because they’re genuinely doing something completely different. It’s dark, it’s gritty, I love it. I play their track Scatter a lot actually.”

Brookes Brothers – Loveline

“I’m an unashamed fan of these guys. They got me into drum & bass and I’ve loved every single production they’ve ever put out. This track represents everything I love about them; the production, the musicality, the intricacies and the fact it’s such a massive dancefloor tune! When it comes to this type of drum & bass, these guys can’t be bettered.”

Kove – Love For You

“My first ever house outing! It was a bit nerve-racking… To develop a name in drum & bass and put something completely different out was scary. I was so pleased with the reaction and support this had, very encouraging and fulfilling.”

Sub Focus – Tidal Wave

“Sub Focus is one of my favourite producers, ever. He’s ridiculous! This is such a great balance between dancefloor banger and proper songwriting, his skills are enviable. It’s epic! And the remixes were all incredible, too!”

Don’t miss Kove at our fifth birthday event! Grab your ticket now!