UKF Presents: Caspa Remix Competition


Remix Mad Man by Caspa feat. Riko to win a release on Dub Police, a UKF upload feature and industry insight from Submerged Music!

 This is Caspa and Dub Police’s first ever remix competition!

We’re asking you to create your best rendition of ‘Mad Man’ featuring Grime legend Riko for the chance to win a release on Dub Police and a feature on UKF’s YouTube channel. You will also gain one-to-one industry insight from Submerged Music, the home of Dub Police, Storming Productions, and Sub Soldiers.

You could be a producer, singer, musician, rapper or even a poet – we want everybody to get involved and give this track their best creative twist. All genres are welcome, and there are no constraints.


The parts are only available here at UKF:


For your entry to count, it must be uploaded to Soundcloud publicly with the following format for the title:

“Caspa – ‘Mad Man’ feat. Riko (your name remix)”

And this text inserted in the track description:

“Created for the https://soundcloud.com/caspaofficial Remix Competition, grab the parts and enter at ukf.com.”

Finally, email your Soundcloud link to competition@submergedmusic.com.

Please note that any track made available for download will be disqualified from the competition.

All Styles Welcome!

 Whatever genre of music you make, Dub Police welcome your entry. All entries will be listened to by Caspa himself and the winner will be chosen by him. The lucky winner will have the track released by Dub Police.

 Good luck!



  • The competition will close on Friday the 4th of July at 23:59 GMT. Those not received by the deadline will be invalid to enter.
  • All entries must be posted publicly on Soundcloud in full and submitted via email to competition@submergedmusic.com. Entries submitted via other means will not be accepted.
  • The winner will be selected after the closing date at the discretion of Caspa and Submerged Music, whose decision is final.
  • The winner will see the track released by the Dub Police label and receive online promotion from the label and UKF. Winning the competition does not entail any form of financial reward, and prizes are non-transferable.
  • If you enable downloads of your remix or distribute it in any way prior to the close of the competition you will automatically be disqualified from winning. If the winning remix is found to be distributed prior to release Submerged Music reserves the right to disqualify the winner and choose an alternative.
  • Your remix can be any style of music you choose and can be as similar or different to the original as you wish. You may use as many or as few of the samples as you see fit and you may add as much of your own content as you wish.
  • Unfortunately we are not able to give feedback about entries.
  • The winner must agree to provide us with a WAV pre-master file of the remix prior to release.
  • All parts made available to download, and all parts downloaded remain the property of Submerged Music. All remixes completed, whether submitted in this competition or not, remain the property of Submerged Music. No exploitation, or distribution of remixes shall be permitted without the sole written consent of Submerged Music.
  • The winner’s name may be published on Dub Police, Caspa and UKF’s websites and social networks after the closing date of the competition. Submerged Music and participating partners reserve the right to contact the winner for permission to involve them in any post competition publicity and the winner agrees to such activities and shall make themselves reasonably available for such purposes.
  • Your entry must not infringe on the rights of any third party, including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, or rights of privacy publicity, or other intellectual property rights. By entering this competition you indemnify Submerged Music, Caspa and UKF against any such infringements.
  • Submerged Music & Caspa reserve the right to cancel or amend the terms of this competition at any time without prior notice.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Submerged Music & Caspa retain the right to offer alternative prizes.
  • Entering the remix competition implies full acceptance of these terms and conditions, which are legally binding. Submerged Music & Caspa reserve the right to disqualify any entrant if we have reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of these terms and conditions.
  • The competition and the terms and conditions of this agreement will be governed by the law of England & Wales.


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