UKF Reload: Teddy Killerz Special!


Last week we ran our first Reload feature – a monthly opportunity for DJs to share their biggest rewind track of the month.

When we asked Teddy Killerz to take part we had no idea how seriously they would take this request. Rather than share one reloader, they’ve shared 10. And it reads like the Golden Hall Of Banger Fame.

They even provided a little explanation on the different types of rewind scenarios selectors experience on the regular…

“The main reason we’d rewind any of these tunes is all of them are bangers,” they tell us. “But we would split them into three categories…. First are those that hit heavy on the drop and we rewind them just to let people feel that “BOOM” one more time. These are tracks like Saus and our remix of Ragga Bomb.

“The second category are the tunes with the cool intro, so you’re stepping back just to re-listen to that segment. Snake, Heartbeat Loud VIP and Metrik’s remix of Flashlight are great examples.

“Finally, the third category is the classic tunes and anthems. Everyone knows what they are, so they obviously needed to be reloaded every time. In our list we only included two… Omen and Messiah. But, to be hones, we could have given you dozens of them.”

Maybe they will next time we ask them to get involved in a Reload feature.

Read on for the full Top 10. But first, let us relish in the outrageously heavy textures of Teddynator, their first proper Ram release since signing with the label exclusively last year….

Teddy Killerz: Top 10 Reloads

Mefjus & June Miller – Saus

Skrillex – Ragga Bomb (Teddy Killerz remix)

The Prodigy – Omen

Smooth – Black Hole

 Modestep – Snake

Frankee – Drop It Low

DJ Fresh – Flashlight (Metrik Remix)

Andy C & Fiora – Heartbeat Loud VIP

Wilkinson & TC – Hit The Floor

Konflict – Messiah