UKF Rewind #001: DJ Fresh – Fight

Photographed by John Wright

Throwback Thursday vibes!

Welcome to our first adventure into our vaults. UKF Rewind revisits some of our earliest uploads and interviews the talent behind it. Cue retrospection, rumination and reflection as we look back to discover the roots about tracks which have gone on to pave the way for much bigger things.

They don’t get much bigger than DJ Fresh. Currently enjoying more chart dominance with his Dibby Dibby Sound, four years ago – almost to the very day – we uploaded his first ever dubstep tune. Not just that… It was his first ever non-D&B tune. Period.

Take it away Fresh…

“This period was really exciting. I’d just started to experiment with different styles and songs, so it was a very transitional point in my career. When I heard Skream and Benga and Hatcha were playing it I was really pleased… It was the first time I’d even tried to make dubstep so to have that type of support with their stamp of approval was very special for me.

“The high pitched sound: I was so happy with it when I stumbled across that! I make all my own sounds. Which can be so long and arduous sitting there just tweaking until you find the right thing. Especially if you’re using ring modulation – it sounds really different over one frequency over another and it changes depending on which note you’re playing. All of a sudden it sounds amazing, but if you flick past it by mistake then it may take hours to get back. To finally hit the sweet spot is such a great feeling. I remember hitting that when making this and thinking ‘this is fucking sick!’

“It’s actually got the same snare as Louder and the opening sample came from a Japanese record I picked up from a crazy record shop in Osaka. I spent a day going through it all, sampling and categorising it. In fact Sub Focus used one of the samples, too. The idea for the intro came about after a studio session I’d been working on with Deekline and Wizard. When I got back to my studio I was inspired to write that intro.”

There you have it. Bass music history lesson over.

Wanna know what Fresh is working on right now? We did, so we asked…

This year he’s making his debut mix compilation, he’s just launched a brand new radio show on UK network Capital Xtra and he’s working on collaboration with Ellie Goulding, Steve Aoki and Andy C!

“I’m not feeling inspired by drum & bass at all the moment,” he explains. “But I want to work with someone I’ve got a lot of love for and who I love working with. Andy C is D&B through and through so we’re definitely working on a D&B track… Can’t wait to see what we come up with.”

Neither can we! Stay tuned for more updates…