UKF Top 10: HARD Summer Essentials


Hard times call for HARD parties!

This weekend US music fans are set for the HARDest.  The fifth HARD Summer event, and the first to be held in South El Monte Recreation Ground, this year’s two-day session is riddled with some of the best names across electronic music. Five stages featuring the very biggest artists to some of the most exciting names to emerge in recent times, HARD Summer packs all the right punches in all the right places.

It all takes place between August 1-2. It’s completely sold out, but if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, these are 10 of the many acts you should check out


We all know his massive hits… But have you seen Breach DJ? Oh gosh… Serious selectionism. A must-see at any festival.

DJ Snake

From GRAMMY nominations to gritty devastations, France’s finest trap fusionist is set to bite into HARD with raw bass venom. Turn Down For What? Turn down for nothing!

Justin Martin

dirtybird dynamo, Martin famously packs more secret edits and dubs than any other member of his San Fran fam. With a penchant for low swinging subs and ghetto-booty shakers, party vibes are guaranteed.


If you’ve checked out either of Eprom’s albums on Rwina (2012’s Metahuman and 2013’s Halflife) you’ll know exactly why we’ve included him in this list. Total and utter moody sub submersion. Eprom’s going to kill it.

Jack Beats

London duo with rich hip-hop backgrounds, Beni and Niall bring turntable terror with added low end attitude. Packing a distinctive sound that sounds like no other, you can hear and feel a Jack Beat bassline a mile off.

What So Not

The second they blasted off on OWSLA last year, Flume and Emoh Instead’s What So Not project kidnapped our attention. They’ve held it to ransom ever since. And they’ll kidnap yours when you catch them at HARD, too…

Alix Perez

There’s not a huge amount of D&B on HARD Summer’s line-up this year… Which makes Alix’s set on Saturday even more of an essentiality. Famed for deep, smouldering, sub-soaked soul, you already know how this Belgian-Londoner rolls!


One of this year’s runaway success stories, the buzz around Snails is explosive! He’s about to commence his first tour of America and HARD Summer is where it all begins! He’s just unleashed a face-melting mixtape to celebrate. We’d be rude not to highlight it.



Here’s the deal: if Nero are playing at a festival and UKF is doing a Top 10 must-watch artists article, they are pretty much guaranteed to be included in the list. Why? Because they smash it every single time! And with new material to let loose, there’s even more of a reason. Legends.


Another sure-fire festival blazing fave, Rudimental’s live show is like 100 parties squeezed into one short, sharp shock. Muscular musicianship, surging sing-along sessions and unbridled hype. They tore EXIT apart with us two weeks back. They’ll do the same to HARD, too.

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