This one’s for all you lovers out there… A UKF Valentine’s Playlist

ukf heart

It’s Valentine’s weekend. A chance to dig deep into your loins, harness your inner Casanova and buy shares in Swiss chocolate. Or at least spend more time in the sack.

Whether you think Valentine’s Day is a cheap commercial ploy by the card makers and rose growers of the world, or you’re a massive softy deep down and have plans so romantic they’d make a stone heart melt, there’s one thing we can all unite and share love for: Music.

While the UKF vaults are largely peppered with raw low-end filth and industrial strength drummage, we’ve also uploaded our fair share of emotional cuts over the years. Here are 20 of the best.

Flexing from bended-knee chillers to rollers so soulful you could be convinced they’re the construct of smelted poet laureates gospel choirs, whack this on your system when you’re activating woo mood and let the music do the talking. Enjoy!