5 Other Things Ultra Festival Has Banned Besides Selfie Sticks


Yesterday Miami mega-fest Ultra announced their guidelines for this year’s event… Like any festival of their size, they’re pretty strict guidelines. But it seems the music world has reacted the most to Ultra’s take on selfie sticks.

Banning extendable poles which are rigid enough to make a painful weapon, especially ones that are as socially ostracizing as selfie sticks, seems like a no brainer to us. It’s some of the other banned items that are interesting.

Here are five other things Ultra Festival have banned on site between March 27-29..

No backpacks or purses unless they’re made of clear plastic 

We totally understand the necessity of bag searches. But having to have a clear bag? Gutted if you’re on any embarrassing medication.

No stuffed animals

To be honest we hadn’t even made the connection between taxidermy and raving until we saw this. Sad, though…. All your friends and favourite DJs in the same place at the same time. The only thing that could possible heighten your experience would be a lovely little stuffed tiger. Not this year. Sorry PLUR crew.

No glow sticks

Seriously? One of the raver’s most timeless cliched props (and a better way of navigating your way around a dark portaloo than using your phone and accidentally dropping it), glow sticks are clean, fun and harmless. The DEA actually tried to ban these at events as far back as 2001 as they were deemed drug paraphernalia but failed. Surely we’ve moved on from that? Glow sticks aren’t for everyone but let the lumo-wagglers have their fun.

No whistles

Coming from UK rave culture, whistle crews were de rigueur for any big dance music outing throughout the 90s and most of the noughties. Are Ultra’s soundsystems so poor they can’t compete with odd ‘peep peep’ on a little whistle?

No blankets

Spring time in Miami is a beautiful time of year weather-wise. But, like anywhere else on the planet, the evenings can get a little chilly for some. Can a cheeky little wrap up device really be denied? Also great for sitting down and chilling out on when you arrive before you take the party vibes up a gear, blankets are alright!

You can check out the event’s full policies here. But you’re much better off checking the immense line-up – Ultra might be strict on items you can take into the event, but they’re also pretty strict on recruiting massive artists. If you’re going, you’re guaranteed to have a blast.

4 thoughts on “5 Other Things Ultra Festival Has Banned Besides Selfie Sticks”

  • Wow, this sucks! Some of those things are harmless fun! And people actually pay to go there?

  • Seriously, fuck whistles. the idiot who bring such a thing to an event is just ruining the experience for everyone. ESPECIALLY if it fucks up the recording. trying to relive the set on soundcloud becomes quite difficult when the only thing you hear is the whistle.

  • a Rave without glowsticks is like a Rock Concert without a mosh pit and Bic lighters..

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