Valentine’s Day Heavy Dubstep Playlist

Traditional Valentine’s soundtracks…. Cheesy, schmoozy, ballady, weak-ass festivals of lame. Light a bunch of candles, fling round some rose petals, stick on The xx and relish in your precision cliche loverman/loverwoman credentials.

No. Not this year. Not any year.

Why should romance have the limpest of soundtracks? Surely the strongest relationships are formed over something much more substantial and shared? That’s the ultimate partner in crime we’re all looking for: Someone we can show our entire collection to and know they’ll buzz off it with us. Someone we can stick on the heaviest tunes possible and mosh the ish out of with. A couple who headbang together… Stay together.

THAT is love.

So put down the Drake album, delete your chill playlist, smash your trap ballads mixtape to tiny pieces, grab the one you hold dearest and get down and dirty to over 100 of our filthiest finest…

No rose petals required 😍