Vorso’s Top 5 Halftime Hurters

In case you didn’t clock it, Vorso’s just dropped the EP of is his life on Inspected: The Imperative.

It’s his most accomplished, far-reaching and perplexing collection to date. Dramatic, emotional, heavier than a squad of elephants, packing more punches than a drunken Klitschko family wedding; from the triumphant second drop of the title track to the subtle melancholy of Out Of The Blue via the skin-sizzling dynamics of Tesla, this is less of an EP and more of a statement of intent that backs up why we highlighted him as one to watch this year.

“Well I started working on it round about May or June last year with a wonky halftime skit that later became Tesla,” he explains. “I can remember creating that reese sound originally to be on one note, but nudged the pitchbend my keyboard by accident while playing the drop and thinking woah that ups the intensity!”

As intense as it is, Vorso – real name Tom – explains how the EP has an intended emphasis on melodic and cinematic aesthetics and how much of that is down to the influence Inspected has had on him over the years.

“For as long as I can remember being into electronic music I’ve always loved tunes which really describe a place or an event,” he details. “I’ve always found them much more engaging to listen to. The way in which halftime has opened up the whole world of drum and bass sound design to much more experimental and amorphous structures is something I’ve found really inspiring while making this EP.”

We can expect plenty more experimental and amorphous halftime structures from Vorso very soon as he’s currently baking three imminent EPs… A series of collabs with Vellum, a melodic D&B EP with Tamujin and another one in the vein of The Imperative. We can wait. In the meantime, check the whole Inspected EP here and get a glimpse at what makes Vorso tick through his five favourite halftime hurters. Buckle up!


Ivy Lab – Sunday Crunk (Mefjus Remix)

Pretty much obligatory on any halftime list. The original mix had an insanely catchy riff but the way Mefjus twists it up for this remix makes it an instant classic. I have very fond memories of this getting dropped at the first Critical night I went to and the reaction being powerfully energetic.


Emperor – Jackhammer

Absolute smasher! The way the buildup plays out gives so little away, and the part where that sub kicks in for the first time has to be one of my favourite moments in electronic music. Definitely one of the weightiest halftime bits out there.


Ekcle – The Impulsive State

Sitting a little slower than the others here, this tune resists pretty much any genre label you throw at it, but I guess it’s sorta halftime-y? Either way, I really love the progression from heavy industrial percussive vibes at the start to emotional ambience at the end. This one is a real journey to listen to.


Noisia – Exavolt

Another huge one. I really dig the organic character these drums have, really punchy and natural sounding. Always loved how chaotic and wonky the drop feels, particularly when those guitar chug-y stabs kick in. This one also received a fantastic Mefjus remix.


Stray – Matchsticks

This is a bit of a more laid back one, but is a real favourite of mine. It carries a really nice relaxed vibe, and chills me out pretty much instantly. Be warned though: it’s probably one of the most earworm hooks out there!

Vorso photo courtesy of Susan Gritti

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