Want to see Wilkinson play in your hometown?

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This is how every tour announcement process goes… A massive artist announces their forthcoming tour. Fans get excited and check to see they’re playing in their town. Cue major excitement if the artist is playing in their town. Cue major disappointment is the artist isn’t playing in their hometown.

Standard procedure.

Thankfully Wilkinson is far from any type of standard behaviour. Having represented drum & bass at the highest level since emerging on Ram Records four years ago, he’s set serious game benchmarks with every release, every remix and every headline show.

And for his forthcoming Lazers Not Included UK tour he’s switching up the standard protocol with a shout out to the most important people in the game… You!

Fact: The man behind top 10 shattering Afterglow, recent summer sensation Half Light and darker and a wealth of killer underground bullets such as Take You Higher, Redemption and Need To Know has asked to see where YOU would like him to visit on this extensive new autumn tour!

All locations to be considered. All invitations to be taken seriously. If you feel Wilko’s trademark lazers should be included in your town’s party schedule this autumn, sign up and tell him NOW.

Stay tuned for the full tour details once he’s announced the winning locations!

Sign up here & tell him where you want to see him: