Watch: Armless DJ smashing a festival in the desert

Pascal Kleiman

Let’s kick start a new week with a straight-up, feel-good DJ story…

Yesterday a video an armless DJ, selecting, spinning and mixing CDs with his feet at an outdoor festival started doing the rounds. Shared on psy trance star DJ Pollyfonika’s page, it was picked up by a number of major dance music sites. Not surprising, it’s really impressive.

It turns out the video was shot four years ago at a pretty crazy looking desert party in Isreal, and the DJ in question is Pascal Kleiman  He’s French-born, Spain-based and he’s been involved in electronic music since the late 80s in various directions; as a DJ, producer, promoter, label founder and record shop owner. To put it simply; he’s a bit of a badman.

The full video of him DJing in the desert is below and you can find loads more about him on his website where there are various videos of him DJing in action. They’re worth a watch – especially in the current age of people moaning headline sets have become boring and sync has ruined all creativity. Also, DJs… Remember Pascal when you’re playing a show with a slightly substandard set-up. We bet he doesn’t moan about the smaller things.

H/T: YourEDM
Image source: Pascal Kleiman Website