Wavo Drum & Bass Chart: September 2014


POW: Wavo return to UKF with the ultimate round-up of the best drum & bass doing the rounds online in the last month. Collating a monster playlist in the process, it’s an apt snapshot of where the genre is at right now.

Wavo works by harvesting the very best new music from every possible corner of the internet and unifying it all in one simple and easy-to-use space. Whether the tracks first emerged on YouTube, Vevo, blogs or beyond, Wavo unites it all. What’s more, all genres are covered with same level of detail and passion as the tracks are seeded and submitted by fans and experts in their genre.

Many of the tunes here on Wavo’s September playlist are already firm favourites at UKF, however there are plenty of great tracks from other platforms and portals… The disgusting low end antics on the Vanilla remix of Cyantific’s Ice Cream, the trembling vocals and emotional pianos on Rameses B’s Dream Catcher and the twisted future jungle fracturisms of LB’s MFS-1 to name but a few.

On-point and all-encompassing: there are hundreds of tracks to soak up here. Enjoy…

For more details visit Wavo. Here’s their dubstep playlist.

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